Escape The "Poor Me" Syndrome


In our last post "Setting Yourself Up For Success" we talked about being able to change your life by modifying some of the unconscious negative behaviors and patterns we get into day-in and day-out, here is another change you can make in your life to really take control, improve your decision making and live a happier, healthier life.

My good friends Tony and Marcel Brunelle pegged it in their latest blog post about "Not Achiving Success Due To The Perception of Your Environment" – in a nutshell two people could experience the same environmental conditions, one chooses to learn from it and expand beyond while the other chooses the easy path – to be victimized and play the "Poor Me" card. 

It's easy to give in and play the victim because that way you do not have to take responsibility for moving beyond a given point in time or life challenge.  It may **seem** like you are taking the hard road by lamenting, blaming yourself, piling on guilt, being unhappy, but REALLY what you are doing is taking the easy route by giving in and not taking responsibility to move on. 

If your outlook on life is negative, if your tendancy is always to withdraw, pile more unhappiness on your life as punishment for not stepping up then you MUST change your outlook on life.  You are living a victimized life directly in control of your unhappiness.

The good part is that just as you are responsible for your perception of the environment around you so can you change that perception resulting in an overall change in your personality, your behavior, your emotional state and most important, your results.

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