Are You Putting Yourself In This Box?


If you have ever wondered what invisible, frustrating force is holding you back in your life, preventing you from taking what you wish for and turning that into reality, then this information will help.

Years ago we put our finger on something very fundamental when it comes to determining how successful people think versus how unsuccessful people think.

This came only after realizing that any number of factors did NOT have any particular link to success, factors like:  intelligence, background, creativity, connections, or even degree of passion to be successful…in each case we saw successful people who achieved incredible things in their lives despite where they came from, despite being in dire situations, despite not doing well in school and despite having few privileged connections in their life.

So, it had to be something else that stood out and had more to do with someone achieving success and happiness in their life.

That's when we discovered the thought patterns that differentiated successful people from those that "wished" for more success but couldn't seem to cross the line to realizing their dreams

Boxed-In Thinking…And How To Open The Box

In a nutshell, what we discovered is that people who were unable to achieve the level of success they dreamed of had placed artificial borders around their belief and abilities, in-effect, selling themselves short of what they were truly capable of.

Here are 3 common, artificial obstacles you may related to right now, tear these down and watch your life change for the better almost instantly.

1. I Can't Do It

How many times has your mind snapped to thinking "I can't do it" in the heat of the moment where you had an opportunity to stand up and make a bold step forward in your life?

For example, it could be a new job opportunity that you talk yourself out of because of self-doubt or it could be an important friend or someone you are attracted to that you give up on because you don't believe you have what it takes to be around them.  The "I can't do it" syndrome is fueled by thoughts of failure, rejection and being embarrassed.  The best way to reverse this thinking is to understand that everyone who ever achieved significant things in their lives never achieved them on the first try.  Everyone must experience setbacks before they learn to move forward.  Get used to it, learn to accept it and deal with it.

2. I Can't Handle Failure

One of the most destructive inner fears is to doubt one's own ability to handle adversity or failure.  So many people quit on themselves because they don't fundamentally believe they are strong enough to handle whatever life throws at them.  Yet over and over again we see the resilience and strength of the human condition in times of extreme adversity and stress.  We constantly undersell our own ability to deal with stress, adversity and setbacks forgetting that in every setback is new information on how to move forward.  I (and many, many other highly successful people) have found that meditation and self-awareness exercises (such as those we point out in SNAP System For Changing Your Life) can dramatically limit our fear and improve our ability to move past this phobia of not being able to have the strength of character to handle setbacks.  Once freed of this limitation, the shackles are removed and suddenly you are able to realize your full potential.

3. I'm Not Like Them

It's natural for humans to compare ourselves to those around us and depending on past comparisons, we typically categorize ourselves into a grouping where we feel will be less risky and easier on us as we move through life.  Unfortunately, we want to enhance our lives, continue to grow and achieve great things on this life journey yet we continue to look at our old way of categorization telling ourselves that we are just not like those who have achieved more than we have.  One of the most important factors leading to success in life is belief that we too can achieve the levels of success we dream of.  If we compare ourselves to others who achieved and deny ourselves through comparison then we are squashing our own belief and in doing so, limiting our chances of ever reaching the next level.  Realize everyone is different and that who you are today is not who you will be tomorrow and that you have total control over your transformation.

4. It's Impossible

A very common way to give in to one's fears, insecurities, and self-doubt is to just admit something is impossible.  There are so many examples of things that people thought were impossible that proved to be completely within the realm of possibility.  Coming back to the core requirement that we must have certain belief backing our dreams and passions, there is no room for impossibility in someone who achieves success.  Cultivate certainty and belief through role models, affirmations, visualization and limiting your exposure to those who reinforce doubt and you will find that the impossible becomes possible and then finally, a certainty in your life

How many of these situations can you relate to?

Do you see now how putting artificial boundaries around your beliefs, thoughts and daily activities is blocking you from achieving your true potential?

Which one of these obstacles do you relate to the most and how will you tackle them in the coming days tearing them down so you can move boldly forward toward achieving your dreams?


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