Your Lymphatic System Just Became Even MORE Important


Fascinating research released today unveils a hidden set of vessels that link your lymphatic system (main system involved in controlling your immune system – just as important as your blood stream) and your brain.

For centuries these vessels avoided detection and now that they have been discovered it opens an entirely new set of hypotheses and research around what this may mean as far as diseases and how your body interacts with your lymphatic system.

I don't get into DEEP science very often on this blog, but I am amazed at this finding.

Specifically, we know that there is a very direct and real interaction between our digestion and our lymphatic system.

This is outlined clearly within one of the pillars of physical and emotional health in Attracting Greatness.

We know that many widespread digestive issues today are directly linked to lack of proper absorption through the intestines leading to a) A lack of nutrients fueling our immune system and b) Leakage of certain elements from the digestive system into both our blood and lymphatic systems causing havoc to our bodies.

This is the reason we detoxify getting rid of the toxins in your body.

With today's realization we can now draw a direct link from things like "leaky gut" syndrome into the immune (lymphatic) system causing havoc on our brain in the form of either fuzziness, build up of protein (Ex alzheimers) or other neurological diseases.

It's not even far-fetched to assume that we succumb to stress far easier when our digestive system is compromised leading to stress on our lymphatic system and subsequently – our brains.

This is a fascinating day for all of us who have known for years that having issues with one system (cardio, lymphatic, digestive, neural) has immediate impacts on the others.

The bottom line is, as we cover in Attracting Greatness, ridding your body of toxins and improving your digestive system state is more important than ever to having more energy, health, wellness and balanced emotional state.


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