Why Ignore Your Passion?


Are you working at a job, career or business that you love?

Do you spend the majority of your free time doing things that excite, energize and empower you?

Do you even remember what makes you feel like you did when you were a kid and lived in the moment moving from fun thing to fun thing following your desire?

When you consider these questions, it's no doubt why the majority of us are chronically unhappy, stressed out, low on energy and under-productive is it?

Here's a great quote from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos:

One of the huge mistakes people make is that they try to force an interest on themselves.  You don't choose your passions, your passions choose you.

It happens almost without perception, that we make choices we believe we should make toward forcing ourselves to be interested in areas and in so doing we stifle our true passion, burying it a little deeper out of reach, starving them of air so we can't burn as bright.

We are pushed to give up something we love in favor of what our parents would prefer we do rather than finding ways to negotiate with our parents and convince them of the power of following our passion.

We copy what a friend or peer is doing because they influenced you (whether meaning to or not) that it would be necessary for you to follow their path rather than your own.

You give up a longer term vision of following your passion to satisfy a short-term demand for money, prestige, recognition, power or simply to please others around you.

You decide that following a less uncertain path reduces your risk so you choose "comfort" over ambition and passion.

Can you relate to any of these "compromises" in your own life?

Here's Why You MUST Follow Your Passion

1. It's Your Fuel, Your Fire

When you are aligned with your passion you have unending energy, virtually no stress, amazing charisma and an almost inhuman ability to overcome adversity regardless of how much is thrown your way.  Stifle your passion and all of that goes away being replaced by stress, anxiety, hopelessness and lethargy

2. Your Brilliance Shows Through

Every one of us has amazing energy and light to share with the world.  We impact people around us and we contribute to the overall direction of the universe.  Stifle your passion and you bury your brilliance.  I talk with many people who complain that they KNOW they have something more to show people but they can't seem to find the vehicle, energy or courage to show the world who they really are.  Live in tune with your passion and that burden disappears.

3. It Is Selfless To Be Who You Were Meant To Be

Many people feel they are being selfish when they focus on their own passion when the truth is quite the opposite, when you deprive the world of your true passion you are being selfish.  By living in tune with your passion you positively impact everyone around you including yourself

4. Unlimited Potential

Perhaps the most important reason to dig deep and once again find that passion and start acting today to live in alignment with your deepest passions is that you unleash an inner power that works in concert with the universe resulting in near limitless enjoyment, fun, positivity and contribution.

If you have ever had the feeling that life was a constant battle, that the universe seemed to stack the deck against you and that no matter how hard you try a dark cloud continually hovers over your head – then change your life by rekindling your passion.

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