What To Do If You Don't Know What To Do?


We work with many people to find their guiding light – their purpose, passion and goals.

Very few people are using anywhere CLOSE to their true potential – you know WHY?

It's because you haven't yet unearthed your passion, haven't set a BIG purpose that will act as your Mountain Top and so you lack the spark, confidence and desire to live your life.

Does that sound like you?

The great news is that finding your passion and setting your purpose to drive you forward in your life are all within your reach…and something you can get started on today.

You can get started on that by tapping into the exercises inside "SNAP: Out Of Your Life Rut & Achieve Amazing Results" – within the next few days you can literally have a brand new roadmap for your life.

But what can you do right NOW to still improve your life even if you don't know what your passion is or what to do next in life?

1. Take Action – Starve Inaction

The enemy of progress in your life is inaction.  Time spent nothing is a feeding ground for negative thoughts, fear, loss of confidence and worry – do those sound positive to you?

Think about how relieved you have been in the past when you FINALLY have to take action (let's say it was a public speaking exercise you dreaded).  It was never as bad as you thought it was going to be…you feel like a Million dollars after it's done…but what about all the time, energy and lost opportunity you spent worrying about that talk?

A much better approach would be to step right into that fear…call together a small group and do your talk right now.

Not only will you feel better, but you will gain confidence, lose fear and end up doing a much better job when the time comes to speak to a larger group.

2. Seek To Be Inspired

Be open to inspiration, the opportunity exists all around us.

Head out into nature, watch inspirational videos on YouTube, read inspirational stories and biographies.

Feed your mind, the more the better.

Our brains work by being fired up.

If you get your neurons firing around an inspirational stimulus, you will find suddenly that more thoughts, ideas and energy immediately is created within you.

That's when you will find your passion, your purpose and your direction…even if you started this action without having a clue where it would take you.

3. Replace Loss With Bigger Action

When people's backs are against the wall, they experience loss either in their family, their job, their own confidence or health – there are two directions you can choose to take:

  1. You can shrivel up and choose to be the victim, give up control and disappear into a dark hole – OR –
  2. You can take control, redirect the negative energy from loss into taking massive action to compensate

Many of us experience loss in life (whether they be small or large) and use that as an excuse to give up…if that is what's holding you back from taking action in alignment with your purpose, then replace that loss with even bigger action.

If you have lost your job, then take MASSIVE action toward finding another…or even better, train yourself and begin serving a market building your own future from what were just days ago ashes of despair.

If you lose someone you love, then replace them with someone else…adopt a child, throw yourself into helping others, start a 30-day plan to make you the most attractive and confident person you can be so you can attract a new relationship.

Don't ever let not knowing what to do next in life hold you back.

The more you take action, be stimulated, learn, expand your experiences – the more you will find yourself seeing opportunity and getting closer to finding your passion and purpose in life.

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