Visualization, Meditation and Affirmations


Not often you hear all three of visualization, meditation and affirmations in the same sentence let alone as a combination of techniques to help you get unstuck, accomplish substantial life change and achieve true happiness in life.

On first pass, you may dismiss one or more of these personal development techniques as overlapping – whether the purpose be relaxation, stress relief, improving your relationships for financial situation, the truth is that all three techniques can work better when combined as a full frontal assault on self improvement.

In the 5-Step power achievement system contained in Attracting Greatness common obstacles such as fear, frustration, toxicity, low self-esteem are tackled using a very structured set of techniques that include each of visualization, meditation and affirmations along with other relaxation and introspection techniques like yoga breathing exercises.

I meditate at least 20-minutes each day, ideal I have found is two 20-minute sessions, but that doesn't always happen.

For those that have trouble meditating or relaxing, then using visualizations can be the single best way to experience the power of meditation.  Think of the most relaxing place or situation you have ever been in…sitting by a beach, boating, sitting in front of the fire, being around family, etc…and use that to help calm your mind as you enter into a deeper state of meditation.

Affirmations – that's part of my morning exercise, what else do I do while shaving each day 🙂  Seriously, having definite, positive statements you repeat to yourself each day shouldn't just be about what you want OUTSIDE, but you should have a couple of affirmations about your personal development – reinforcing your relaxation meditations and visualizations.

Visualization is probably the first thing I picked up way back over 20-years ago when I was coming out of school – don't remember who I learned it from, but I have certain visualizations for relaxation, certain ones for achievement and others for health.  They pretty much happen automatically now through the day.

Finally – the key piece is to make sure all of this is purpose based, which does take additional time to figure out and needs to be re-visited every 6-months or so.  Once you get a meditation method that works for you, begin to add introspection and guided meditation methods that allow you to locate and identify your life purpose which can then be aligned with future goals reinforced by their own visualization, meditation and affirmations.

As you can see, the 3 personal development techniques can have much more impact working together than separately.

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