Turn Your Life Around – True Happiness Is…


There are as many defintions of happiness and success as there are books on the topic, but really you and I know deep down when we feel "good" about ourselves and what we have done and when there is need for improvement.

It's not so much that everything needs to be going perfectly, that doesn't happen for anyone in real life – in fact some of the happiest, most successful people have gone through challenges much bigger than you or I have gone through…yet they have managed to figure out what makes them happy and largely stick to that roadmap

You may be sitting, reading this thinking 'My life is a mess' or ' I really hate where my life is right now…' a combination of frustration, lack of hope and overall negative energy – so where do you turn? How do you get unstuck and dig yourself out of this rut that you seemed to have waded into?

While there are several factors involved in how happy you are and how your life is going at this moment, there are 3 factors that we have found to help the MOST when you are trying to transform your life from sucking to being much more enjoyable and productive:

1. Know what it is that makes you happy…sounds simple enough doesn't it – but oddly, we often get off track doing what we "think" or have been "told" or "taught" what will make us happy when in fact, we are not doing what truly makes us happy inside. We recently interviewed some of the happiest and most successful people across various walks of life and found that they know one thing extremely well…themselves!  They are unwavering about being true to how they feel.  Sometimes this comes across as being selfish, or self absorbed and to a degree this is true, but the ultimate outcome of being happy they are able to contribute to society instead of burden it with emotional and physical illness that comes from not being happy.

How do you know what makes you happy?  Meditation, reflection on past experiences, studying your strengths, asking those around you for feedback, testing different ideas – you'll find several techniques on discovering what truly makes you happy inside Attracting Greatness – A Blueprint For Self-Confidence And Happiness

2. Building your self-confidence so that you can overcome challenges and live consistently in tune with what makes you happy.  Often what makes you happen will not align with what other people will consider 'normal' – but overcoming fear and having a positive self-confidence will let you overcome those situations…get over that temporary bump and you will find that suddenly people will be even MORE attracted to you because yes, you are different, but you are also confident and energized…this is how followers emerge to be leaders

3. Recognize and replace negative influences with positive influences – people around you, mass media, your closest friends…by default you will find yourself surrounded by negativity that, no matter how hard you try, will impact your own journey and happiness.  Instead, proactively surround yourself with positive, supportive energy.  You may have noticed that happy and successful people often don't stick around long if there is negativity in the air – instead they train themselves to avoid these situations, control their thoughts keeping them as positive as they can and building a support system around them that helps support that positive thinking.

While there are other factors influencing happiness around stress management, discovery of purpose, cultivating an action oriented game plan and specific health factors…I have found these 3 to be among the most important factors to being more happy.  For a complete, highly effective Personal Success & Happiness Blueprint use Attracting Greatness and make 2011 finally the year that you get on the right track.

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