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Wow, you didn't have to be a golf fan to be impressed watching the athletic and mental victory Tiger Woods won this past weekend at the US Open in Torre Pines.

A testament to passion, drive, will and sheer motivation that has been played over and over again in any sport imagineable – playing through mental anguish and physical pain gives you a glimpse into the potential motivation that is within all of us if we can just grab it. 

Do you think these great athletes, or any high achiever for that matter is born with something the rest of us don't have?  Is it an inherited ability to become passionate and focused at the drop of a hat?  Is motivation something they were just lucky enough to possess?

In our new book 'Beyond Greatness' we give the 5 critical pillars of growing past where we are in our lives today, moving beyond what may be a few years or even a lifetime of limitations and dashed dreams in order to burst into growth areas in our professional and personal lives into Tiger Woods type motivational areas. 

Take a look at this powerful video as Tiger Woods is intereviewed on how bad his pain really was heading into the gruelling US Open…


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