Stop Being Lonely – Starts With Beliefs


Are you someone who struggles with strong feelings of loneliness?

Do you feel as though you have no real friends?

Are you struggling to find that special relationship or are you someone that would be just as happy to find a group of friends but can't seem to find them?

Truth be told, loneliness is a chronic problem for many people today crossing ethnic, gender, socio-economic boundaries.

You are just as likely to find a sad and lonely millionaire as you are to find someone unemployed and lonely.

What Is Behind Chronic Loneliness?

Have you ever asked yourself, why can someone be in a strong relationship, have friends all around them but still be feeling lonely while someone else can be quiet, frequently enjoy being alone and NOT feel the overwhelm associated with loneliness?

It comes down to your beliefs around being lonely at the end of the day.

Perhaps when you were raised around a strong, traditional family there was huge emphasis placed on always visiting or being around family that has manifested itself in your beliefs regarding loneliness.

Yet, we live in a different age today where we have busier lives, are more career centric, tend to rely on online communications as much as offline and do not have the same norms regarding family traditions, etc…

How does this impact your emotional state?

For most people, this mismatch between their beliefs and their reality leads to unrest, anxiety and yes…loneliness.

How To Stop Being Lonely…

Are they resigned to a life of loneliness?

No, by altering those beliefs (respective the beliefs from the past and slowly evolving them for today's environment) we can change our point of view, change the compass by which we measure the day's minute-by-minute and hour-by-hour progress freeing ourselves from the prison of this belief/reality mismatch.

For instance, changing the belief that we must be in the presence of others to be free of loneliness to a belief where we can be perfectly happy as long as we have time to really see inside ourselves and listen/learn about new things in the world.

In other words, our main place in the world now involves a mix of situations where we actually need to be alone with ourselves and introspective as well as social and among other people.

That the exercise of building our self-awareness and self confidence will go a very long way in attracting people to us so that we no longer consider loneliness as part of our life…we are not lonely when we are growing and we are not lonely when other people are attracted toward us because of our growth and self-confidence.

Do you see how changing our point of view, our beliefs can then change our thoughts and thereby change our reality?

Oddly enough, when you make these subtle changes you find that suddenly people that weren't as attracted to you in the past will now come around more often, want to be with you, want to learn from you and want to grow with you.

Overcoming loneliness starts with examining and then evolving your belief structure around what it actually means to be lonely.

Are you up for the challenge?

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