Positive Thinking Sucks, Affirmations Are Cool!


I don't know about you guys, but advice that talks about positive thinking or telling you to 'stay positive' is like telling someone who is sleeping to NOT dream – it's impossible – especially when you need it the most, when things look bleak and you are in pain.

But is there another way?

I've been experimenting ALLOT with positive affirmations lately and have been able to find a system that works for not only myself in almost any mindset, but for many others I help around me. 

Many of us have tried affirmations in the past, most of us for just a few days to 'see what would happen' and some of us for much longer, but many of us have had a hard time seeing any signifjcant difference.

What I did discover is there are many WRONG ways to both write and use positive affirmations when trying to improve your positive thinking and achieve new levels of self-improvement.  

You'll find the 6 key principles of using positive affirmations here  to break through negative thinking – use these methods to craft and apply your own daily affirmations. 

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November 10, 2008

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