2 Simple Ways To Uncover Your True Life Purpose In 60-Minutes Or Less


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Can you imagine drifting through your entire life without discovering your true life purpose?  Think of the immense unhappiness, desparation, frustration and painful regret you would feel when your time finally comes and it hits you…"I've lived my entire life fighting my life purpose. If I had only only discovered my living purpose the joy, excitement and peacefulness I would now have within me would be so assuring." 

This is serious stuff, the thought that we may end our time here on earth without having felt the immense joy and fulfillment of living in alignment with our life purpose.

What is a life purpose?

First, let's agree on what it is not.  Our purpose in life is not a certain career, a specific person in our life or a specfiic set of goals we have written on a piece of paper…our life purpose is a WAY of living not any one single achievement.

I know when I discovered this concept and started looking differently at my primary purpose in life a light went off in my head and suddenly finding purpose was so much simpler. 

So, my first advice is to acknowledge that you may have many different relationships, careers and situations that occur in your life, but you can still maintain a consistent and enlightened life purpose by living each day being purpose driven. 

Second, it is good to remember that simply having identified and having your own life purpose does not automatically mean you will live in alignment. 

After all, there are two distinct steps in achieving happines, step one is finding your purpose in life and the second is clearing away the obstacles to living each day in line with your life purpose.

In the very powerful "Beyond Greatness" personal achievement system, 5 major obstacles are identified ranging from fear through contamination with toxicity are correctly identified as limiting your ability to achieve happiness and success in your life.  Working through this system will help you to remove these obstacles.  When combined with the clear direction guided by your newly found life purpose, you will experience incredible happiness, joy, peace and achievement – beyone anything you had previously dreamed. 

So, now that we know what finding your purpose really means, how do we do it?


1. Mine Your Past.  All of us have had times in our life where we have experienced the peacefullness, happiness, and excitement of living in alignment with our life purpose.  For some it may have been following a charitable act, where you helped someone through a major challenge and felt the euphoria of being truly in alignment with your inner purpose.  For others it may have been during the writing of a book, playing of music, achieving a great sports accomplishmnet – any experience where you just felt "well" or "on top of your game".

We all have life situations where we are uncomfortable, where we do not perform well, where we get that upset feeling in the pit of our stomach that tells us that something is not quite right.  Unfortunately we get very good at ignoring these feelings when in fact, they are telltale signs of what our true life purpose is (or is not). 

Try this exercise.

Give yourself 1-hour of un-interrupted time. 

Sit down with a blank piece of paper, draw a line down the middle so it is split into two columns. 

On the top left column, right the heading – life experience.  On the right column write – how I felt. 

Now, close your eyes and remember a time in your life when you felt complete comfort, joy and wellness.  There was no anxiety, fear or discomfort.  Often these situations are explained by a feeling that the time "just flew by" or I "lost track of time". 

When I sit down to play my guitar, I can lose 1-hour and it seems to be just a minute goes by. 

Once you have the life situation, spend a minute or two remmebering it vividly, how did you feel?  How did you breath?  What smells, sounds, tastes and visions did you experience? 

Then, once you have the first one, do this again until you have at least 3-4 – but keep going until you run out of these memories. 

Once you have your list complete – take a break.  A few hours later, come back and think about what aspects of your experiences are similar?

Was there a pattern of helping others?  How about self-expression?  Creativity?  Improving the world?  Being around a certain type of person?  Activities associated with freedom? 

You will be surprised, patterns will emerge and you will arrive at the key components of your life purpose. 

If this doesn't happen at first, then repeat the process once again – it will work if you are open-minded and serious about the exercise. 

2. Tap Into Your Subconscious:  Another approach for finding your purpose that works quite well is to tap into your subconscious mind and give it the chance to tell you what your life purpose is. 

That may sound simple, but the fact is 99% of us have no idea how to tap into our subconscious let alone know when it guides us to our life purpose. 

For this technique to work you must…

a) Open your mind to the absolute belief that you will find the answer.  If you have closed your mind to the possibility of your subconscious mind, your ability to find your life purpose or to taking the time required then this technique will not work. 

b) I find this technique works much better if you use relaxation techniques or meditation and ask yourself during a guided meditation "what is my life purpose?"  You don't necessarily want the answer during your meditation, but only to plant the seed to get your subconscious mind working on the question. 

c) Use a free-flow writing session where you write out various responses that just pop into your head.  Don't edit, just write statement of your life purpose out – don't stop for at least 30-minutes.

It may take you a few sessions, but you will eventually hit on a purpose that will hit you emotionally – you may feel like laughing histerically or even crying, but when you hit the right life purpose you will feel it.

Use these two techniques and most often you will find that you can uncover your life purpose in 60-minutes or less.  Your purpose is the most important of the 5 Pillars of Greatness outlined in "Achieving Greatness" – all other aspects of allowing happiness, peace and job into your life, including a much higher degree of self-confidence, is dependent on identifying your life purpose. 

The good news is that you can change your life almost immediately by living a purpose driven life.  To experience the incredible energy and power of finding your purpose, get started now…with great hope and courage you can bring increased happiness and joy into your life and the lives of those around you.

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