Learning To Be Self Confident


Many people assume that self-confidence just "happens" and that when they lack confidence, that's "just the way it is!"

Not true, building self confidence doesn't just happen, it takes some work, the good news is that anyone can improve their level of self confidence rapidly.

Self confidence…

  • Is a conscious decision…you decide to be confident, that's where it comes from
  • Lack of confidence can be overcome by a greater focus on purpose – always!
  • Self confidence can become a habit (just as with lack of confidence)
  • There is no middle ground, by choosing NOT to focus on being confident, your mind will automatically gravitate toward low self confidence

I know I am forever surprised by the seemingly super confident people (business people, celebrities, philanthropists, difference makers) that overcame immense levels of shyness, low self-esteem and low self-confidence.   These people were purpose-driven, worked at being more confident until confidence became a habit for them.

Can you do one thing today to exercise your new improvement in self-confidence on the way to making it a habit?


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