Inspirational Movies – What Is Your Vote?


As a child, I remember movies that I watched with my family or friends that really touched me…inspiring creativity, giving a child an unending sense of hope and positive energy.

I remember seeing Rocky and being inspired by the rags to riches drive to win at life as well as in the boxing ring.

I recall seeing Pursuit of Happiness last year and being touched at an extremely deep level given that my own children are around the same age as Will Smith's child in the movie.  The steadfast determination against all odds in front of his child is an image that will inspire me forever as a parent, friend, neighbor and business person.

Another one that always sticks with me is Four Seasons by Alan Alda.  There is, in my opinion, no better portrayal of middle life struggles that this movie.  Middle life is often where older friendships have fallen by the wayside or have grown shallow – so having a movie where friendships are re-invigorated and enhanced is a very inspiring message acted brilliantly in this movie.

What others can you add to the list?

What movie has inspired you, motivated you or simply stuck with you years after watching?

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