Improve Your Diet To Improve Your Energy


As we kick off another year, we will continue to share tips, techniques and strategies to propel you towards the improving your emotional and personal state – but we want to also point out the importance of factoring in overall health, diet being a major factor.

NOTE: I have a very important question for you at the end of this post that we would really like to hear from you on…look forward to having you share your answers with us

So much information available publicly (especially at this time of year ) is centered around losing weight or improving your appearance, so little is given to how you feel and improving your overall performance level (at work, in your relationships, as a parent, in your job or business, etc…)

That's crazy given that UNLESS we are operating at a peak emotional level chances are we won't have the desire, energy or ability to execute on an overall fitness plan.

In Attracting Greatness, the point is made very clear that peak performers achieving their goals and dreams in life pay attention to more than just personal development, but also build their energy, desire, happiness and physical state to achieve greatness.

Today, we wanted to share some of the simplest, yet most impactful diet decisions you can make moving forward to improve your emotional fitness level and reach the optimal state you seek.

Simple, Powerful Diet Changes For Optimal Personal Development

1. Cut Intake Of Sugar In Half (At Least!)

Sugar has a dramatic impact on your emotional state, both hour-by-hour (blood sugar roller coaster) and longer-term (impact on organs, biological complex within your digestive system, compromised immune system) – and you can easily make changes to cut that intake at least in half.  Here are a few ideas:

  • Substitute water for soft drinks and juice – may seem tough to start, but within 1-month it will become natural
  • Cut back sugar in your baking – half sugar in cookies, pies, cakes, sauces works just fine
  • Eat half portions of sweets/treats – if you absolutely have to cave in and have a sweet treat, eat a half a chocolate bar or half of a cheesecake.  We did this and now we cheat far less often and usually a couple of fork full bites suffices when we do
  • Watch your ingredients – when you buy sports drinks, nutrition bars, juices, etc… you can typically find high sugar and low sugar alternatives – consciously pick the low sugar alternatives

2. Get Your Protein

In our own diet, we have found that increasing the quantity and variety (nuts, lean meet, dairy) helps tremendously in keeping blood sugar stable as well as limiting cravings for unhealthy foods – especially when you are a busy person with irregular eating habits, protein becomes critical to bridging the gap allowing you to operate at peak performance

3. Lowering Toxins Naturally

Our bodies become quickly filled with toxins in today's society – processed foods, stress, lack of sleep, medications, natural environmental conditions, unhealthy air in our houses, pesticides, etc.. all poor toxins into our bodies.  A healthy body can filter these toxins, but eventually becomes overwhelmed leading to a variety of symptoms, many of which impact our brain, nervous system and immune system leading to low performance.   Peak performance can be restored by focusing on…

  • Drinking lots of filtered (but not too much bottled) water
  • Having a hot lemon and cayenne drink early in the morning (activates your liver)
  • Eating more vegetables that naturally inhibit toxins and help flush them out of your system (fiber being important element)

Try these 3 simple techniques along with getting regular exercise and stable sleeping patterns to help you kick your peak performance into high gear this year.

Now let us ask you…what have you changed in your diet (if anything) this year to improve your health and performance?  Leave us a comment. 




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