I'm Thankful For…?


Over the last 10-years it has become clear that our thoughts have a major impact on behavior AND that positive thoughts lead to positive behavior which in turn, tends to feed additional positive feedback and thoughts, so instead of being stuck in a rut where you get caught in a negative thought cycle, you actually feed into a positive thought cycle which becomes self-sustaining.

Now this is different than Positive Thinking…at least as we may have been originally taught.

The challenge with positive thinking is that we need to continually fight the negative thought cycle day-in and day-out with multiple positive thoughts – often contrived and not derived from actual experiences.

What would happen if you changed it up a little and did just one 60-second exercise each day to induce positive thoughts and attract more positivity into your life?

How about keeping a journal of 1 positive experience each day?

Give it a try, start today – list one positive experience or encounter today.  Something for which you have gratitude or just simply strikes you as being lucky, someone who is helpful or something you are grateful to have or to know.

Nobody else has to see your journal.

This should take you no more than 1-2 minutes each day – pick a time where you will consistently journal your positive encounter, then read it back to yourself that night before going to bed and again first thing in the morning.

Give it a try…we've been doing it for two weeks now and already I can feel the positive energy.

Remember…being grateful and seeding your mind with positive thoughts will pay you back many times more than you put in, so get started right now.  If you feel comfortable doing so, leave us a comment against this post of an example you can think of right now.

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May 6, 2011

Kate @ 9:42 pm #

Thank you for the reminder. For years I've written a diary and when I read it back I surprised myself with my own humour. I shall do that again – if only to cheer myself up.
Thanks again!

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