How To Stay Self-Confident When Criticized?


How can you maintain your self-confidence when you are frequently criticized – either about a mannerism, quirk, or physical difference you have from other people?

In fact, when we have low self-confidence we are even more conscious and affected by the smallest of criticism – even interpreting something as simple as a laugh as being AT you instead of with you. 

A level of paranoia can set in that further reduces your self-esteem and before you know it, you find yourself avoiding certain people and situations in life. 

Here are two key points to remember on how to build greater self-confidence in the face of criticism we have taken out of our top selling Guide on Boosting Self-Confidence and Achieving Greatness:

1. Understand that we all tend to completely exadurate the level of criticism coming from others.  One statement said in anger or just in passing is likely long forgotten by a third party, but we lament on it and assume something far worse.  Get better at letting these incidents roll off of us – 90% of criticism falls into this category and isn't worth worrying about anyway.

2. Being different is a blessing! Let me as you this, have you ever thought that perhaps YOU are the special one and everyone else who mocks you or critisizes you is actually AFRAID that you are better than them?

The very fact that someone criticisezes, teases or otherwise treats you negatively indicates a weakness in their own character likely developing from their own low self-confidence and self-esteem.

If you take the time to look back in history and research the most successful people of all-time and you'll notice they were also different, quirky – marching to the tune of a different drummer.

Ultimately – your key to happiness and greater self-confidence is understanding yourself and a dedication to being the real YOU instead of trying to match the opinion of others.  

So, next time someone criticizes you for being "different" – say "thank you, I appreciate the complement" and watch as your self-confidence soars.


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