How To Immediately Stop Thinking Negative Thoughts


The key to change in life is to altering behaviors, but what governs how we behave?

Thoughts…at the end of the day our ability to control the direction of our lives, become happier and reach objectives we have been dreaming about is better management over our thoughts.

That means both being able to stop thinking negative thoughts and replace many of those negative thoughts with positive images and thoughts that can permanently alter our behavior and results.

Have you ever thought to yourself¬† "I'm just not good at…" or "If I wasn't so shy I could…"¬† or "I wish I was more outgoing and could have more or better friends and contacts?"

These are only some of the negative thoughts that spiral around inside of your head on a daily (often hourly) basis.

Stop Being A Hostage To Negative Thinking

Using the quick and simple processes in Attracting Greatness we can literally learn techniques to END that loop of negative self-talk, control negative thoughts and replace them with productive, useful thoughts resulting in massive change in our lives.

One of the techniques we have used for years (it really works) is to become more conscious of your negative thoughts, write them down immediately and throw out the piece of paper.

Indeed, researches at Ohio State University and a University in Spain have conducted research and found that writing your thoughts and then taking action (throwing out the paper if you want to discard the negative thoughts or keeping and reviewing the paper somewhere safe if you want them to be reinforced) actually has an impact on our mind.

Just as writing down goals and affirmations "just seems to work…" so does writing negative thoughts and anxieties as a method of exposing them also works.

Imagine being able to take any negative thought that is paralyzing you in your life and simply exposing it and then eliminating it from impacting your behavior any longer by simply throwing out the paper it was written on?

Another technique shared inside Attracting Greatness: Applying The 5 Pillars Toward A Better Life is to consciously focus on the negative thought and then vividly image it being obliterated (almost as if you are watching a movie) – it can explode, disappear into the sky, etc…

Techniques helping you stop negative thoughts are incredibly important to improving your life…if we are caught in patterns of negative thinking it is impossible to improve happiness, fulfillment or any other objective we may have in life.

Do you have a technique for handling negative thinking you want to share?  Leave us a comment.



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