Flipping From Introspection To Action


I'm sure you are like me and have met both kinds of people –

  1. People that jump at everything but can't seem to stick with anything.  
  2. People that think, worry and lament so much they never seem to take any action

I would say that I fall more into the second category than the first by default (at least I used to) so that means I have to figure out how to spend less time thinking, analyzing, planning and worrying and more time in active learning mode.

Which category do you feel you tend to fall into?

Flipping The Switch

The truth is that we need both of these in our life.

We need to be able to use mindfulness to…

  • Get a truthful handle on where we are in our life
  • Understand what is truly meaningful to us
  • Figure out WHAT we should be doing and WHY in our life
  • Periodically assessing if we are on track, need to make adjustments and continually staying focused on our emotional lighthouse

At the same time, if we remain in this state of thinking, assessing, planning and trying to account for every move we make chances are we will slow or even stop our progress.

That's when you need to be able to flip the switch and head into all-out action mode.

There's no secret as to why two of the 4 elements taught in the SNAP System For Getting Unstuck In Your Life involve Setting Your Path and Becoming A Massive Action Taker.

Think Of It This Way…

Think of it as setting your GPS system – you take a few minutes to set your destination, perhaps consider a few possible routes and then once you are set – you DRIVE.

You no longer wonder if you are heading in the right direction.  You don't worry if you will get there.  You stop considering different options.

What you do is try and make the best time possible to reach your destination.

Then, you move on to the next destination – reset your GPS and off you go again.

Your life should be the same way.

Take only enough time to assess where you are and set your destination supported by a big WHY – then take action baby!

It doesn't matter what you are doing…it could be:

  • 30-day weight loss plan
  • perfecting public speaking
  • preparing for a new job
  • setting up your new business
  • reconnecting with your life partner
  • helping your kids prepare for the next step in their life

Chances are that today you spend 75% of your time planning, assessing, worrying, studying, etc…and only 25% or less taking action.

Imagine the results you would see by flipping that around.

Not only will you accomplish a TON more, but you will learn a lot more too since the best and fastest way to learn is through taking action and getting immediate feedback.

Truth be told, the more desperate your situation in your life that you are trying to change, the more important it is that you get started right now taking action instead of spending another day, week or month thinking about it.

Are you ready to flip the switch into ACTION?

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