Britney Spears – Poster Child For Self-Improvement?


Another weekend, and another sad, self-defeating act by Britney Spears showing us that she is caught in a web where she now identifies herself as a media circus clown rather than her internal purpose or passion.

She's not the first to fall into such a trap where personal issues are magnified 1000% in front of a media that knows the value of publishing train-wreck stories – think about Elvis, Janis Joplin and a host of others who unfortunately lost complete control of their own personal identity giving it to others.

It could happen to any of us, we've all been at a point in our lives where we have lost our way, questioned our purpose and identity and fell back on destructive behavior as a method of dealing with our fears (whether it be crossing a friend, substance abuse, break-up of a relationship, etc…)

The latest incident took place at this weekend's MTV awards where she lip sinked a song dancing around in a skimpy costume – a clear attempt at obtaining attention and staying relevant at ANY cost.

Britney Spears is headed for a point in her life where she will hit bottom and will realize there is a way to regain personal power – if not, well let's not think about it.

Of course celebrity brings it's own opporutnities for destructive behavior – parties, press, media, publicity, image – that most of us do not have.  But is the destructive behavior exhibited by celebrities that much different (at it's core) than the desctructive behavior of an executive who turns into a workaholic in an attempt to overcome his own personal issues – for example, this article on Personal Power exhibits many of the same issues celebrities experience – the consequences, in the end, are the same.

Let's hope that Britney is able to understand she is not her image, that she can turn her life around, regain her self-esteem, seek out help and regain her personal power.

But for now, let's all take a lesson in how critical the fight for self-improvement really is in our lives. 



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