Being Desperate Is Being Poor


I was helping one of my students earlier today who had lofty goals about making money in his new internet business, but came off as completely fake and over eager.

We had the conversation about what he wanted to accomplish, what value did he want to delivery to his market and how he would help people who would be the target of his latest book?

Obviously the conversation was not going in a direction he wanted it to go in.

Instead, he kept asking "how much do you think I can make by doing X?"  Or…"how soon can I make $Y"

While there are valid questions, there is such a thing as putting the cart before the horse.

Before you can set financial goals, you need to understand what your own beliefs and desires are, what your place in society is, and how you will bring value to those around you.

The system outlined in "Attracting Greatness" is all about aligning your personal desires, passions, strengths into a powerful purpose that attracts happiness, peacefulness and financial security into your life, but my conversation with this young man was the exact opposite, instead it was about something that will make you unhappy and POOR in a hurry, that something is…


You have experienced the terrible car salesman that so badly wants to sell you a new car that he completely forgets that you are a real person with questions that needs to be heard right?

Or, you have had the pushy network marketing affiliate who breaches the fundamental trust established over years to make a few bucks commission…

How did you feel?

Right – turned off!

Desperation repels happiness, well being and wealth in your life – PERIOD!

Honestly – I know just as many miserable people who are can't come up with next month's rent as I know miserable people who are chasing after more.

Happiness, peace of mind, and life balance comes from within – if you are willing to look inside of yourself and get to really know who you are, what you have to offer, what your role is in the world and become comfortable with who you are…then not only will money not dictate your state of mind, it will be far more likely to flow your way because you are focused on adding value rather than taking.

Being in business for years it always amazed me how the actual realization of financial gain, security and happiness are actually repelled by trying to hard to get it.

If you are desperate, then everyone sees that and you you actually turn people off.

Same thing goes for relationships, health or any other area of your life where you want to make improvement.

By convincing yourself you are NOT up to par in a certain area of your life you are sowing the seeds of self-doubt.  That self-doubt impacts your self-confidence and ultimately your expression of self-esteem in front of others and suddenly you have put yourself at a big disadvantage.

If you are comfortable with who you are, consistently live in tune with your inner beliefs and values and stay focused on adding value then money and happiness will find their way to you because you are coming from a position of internal confidence, gratitude and expectation which tends to attract and draw in the abundance that exists all around us – that is my experience at least.

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