Beating Procrastination – Dealing With Small Challenges


Have you ever reached a point in your life where a situation has gotten way out of control, it seems too big to deal with and you can't see a way out? 

Often we can trace these life situations back to many incremental events where we could have nipped it in the bud so that things didn't get this out of control – that's where beating procrastination by dealing with small challenges comes into play.

Think about these situations:

  • Financial debt that seems insurmountable
  • A relationship that seems to be unrepairable
  • A spottty job record that now seems to have hit the end of the line
  • A legal situation that has grown bigger than it should have
  • A loneliness that is born of many wrecked or neglected relationships
  • Personal feelings of emotional overwhelm that have hit the breaking point

In each of these cases, there were a series of small challenges that when left untreated, build on one another – often labeled procrastination – with the end result being a major life challenge. 

Chances are that if you have become unable to deal with smaller challenges along the way in one area of your life, that has (or will) carry into other areas so that these are not typically one-time events but can lead (if unchecked) to a life of major challenges and further despair.

So, the challenge then is to go about beating procrastination in the very early stages, to stop step up and deal with the small life challenges BEFORE they begin to pile up and become major challenges. 

In reality, the reasons why we don't face the fist unpaid debt, the first sign of trouble in a relationship, the first sign of emotional challenge is often due to one or a combination of:

  • lack of self-awareness – we are not in touch or paying attention to recognize and deal with these smaller challenges when they arise
  • fear that we won't even be able to deal with the small challenge which of course, continues to build until we hit a breaking point
  • lack of self confidence – at the root of all procrastination (and critical to beating procrastination) is having enough faith, trust and confidence in yourself to know that you can deal with these challenges as they come up no matter how challenging they may be
  • being healthy and clear — if you are suffering from constant poor health and low energy you will not be "on your game" to deal with these challenges as they arise — placing them on the back burner until you feel better which is a recipe for disaster

Inside Attracting Greatness, a plan to break down fear, boost self-confidence, improve self-awareness and address the most common health and energy challenges is the key to beating procrastination so that you can face the small (and even bigger) challenges without the stress and anxiety that comes with today's daily living.

Once again you can be free to live with high confidence knowing you can face anything that comes your way without the fear that things will pile up and become out of control in your life.

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September 4, 2011

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