Are You Living In The Past?


I had someone ask me earlier this week…"if you could be reborn, what in your life would you change the next time around?"  I let myself think about the question for a moment, but then immediately realized there was a big problem with contemplating such questions – namely, it forces you into a mode of living in the past when all we really have is the present and future.

Within minutes I subtly suggested I didn't want to change anything when really what I meant was I don't want to spend any additional time or energy trying to re-write history.  I would much rather put energy into living in the present and planning for the future, working on first understanding myself better and improving on both strengths and weaknesses.

From this experience, I decided to keep track of my thoughts throughout the next few days – mentally noting each time I let negative thoughts about the past interfere with my present living and decision making.  I lost count into the 40's which tells me that many of us are living more of our lives in the past than we are living in the future.

Consider these points:

  • Are you making more of your decisions based on negative past experience rather than assessment of the present situation?
  • How many negative thoughts about what happened an hour ago, a day ago or even months or years ago filter into your head each day?
  • How many times do you take a drink, drug or practice other avoidance behavior such as over-sleeping or avoiding situations because you are thinking or responding to a past negative experience in your life?

Try making this one change…become aware of your thoughts during the day and specifically, how many of them are based in the past.

Awareness is the first step, so make a mental note or even write down each negative past thought that enters your thinking on a daily basis for the next week – I guarantee, you will be shocked.  By simply increasing your awareness you will set the process in motion for changing your thinking and soon you will automatically be putting more focus on the present and future than on your past – and THAT process will change your behavior in many positive ways.

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