Are You A Slave To Your Fear?


stop fear in life

Why is it that you won't speak up and say what you want to say?

How come you can't be who you really are (or who you know you could be?)

What is it that is holding you back even though you know you COULD be happier, more productive, more influential and more of an example for those around you?

Are you even aware why you settle for something less than you deserve?

The answer is most often FEAR!

The role of fear in holding us back in our lives is SO very important that there is an entire module dedicated to eradicating the hold fear has over our lives inside SNAP – 4 Part System For Getting Unstuck In Your Life

You are afraid to be embarrassed, of losing the one person in your life that you currently depend on or of losing what little you have.

You so desperately cling to irrational fear over what "may" happen if you take that next step in your life that you have become a SLAVE to your own fear.

As kids, we fear very little.

With no fear we are able to imagine incredible things, feel amazingly inspired and excited, to learn and grow at an awesome rate…but then we hit adulthood and suddenly we become beaten down, saddled with fear, uncertainty and doubt that prevents us from saying, thinking and doing most of what we used to do as an uninhibited child.

So how do you get back to sharing the BEST we have to offer with the world?

1. Interrupt Irrational Fear

Each day we convince ourselves more and more that saying the wrong thing, taking forward action, taking chances and risks will almost certainly result in disastrous consequences.  We do this through negative self-talk, visualization of negative outcomes, reinforcing our negative self-talk with negative external reinforcement such as seeking out negative people, watching news and media who feed on our fears.  Day-in, day-out the result of this feeding of fear is a life that is paralyzed by doubt, uncertainty and anguish.  The first step in changing is to use techniques like mindfulness, positive affirmations, visualizations and meditation to interrupt irrational fearful thinking so that we can replace these with positive self-talk and images

2. Knowledge And Action Trump Fear

You've no doubt heard the express "We fear what we don't know".  Some of the most fearful people I know are people who have so much idle time in their lives that they spend 80% of their waking life feeding their own fear through both negative self-talk as well as a steady diet of negative external stimulus.   If you want to beat fear down and stop being a slave in your own life then fill that void by learning – once you know more about something not only do you fear it less but you build your confidence by taking action.

3. Live To Serve

Another very common catalyst to building fear in your life is to be reliant on others, and focusing on yourself rather than being strong yourself and helping others.  When you change this dynamic in your life you gain incredible self-confidence and redirect the attention you would have spent on your own life toward giving and serving others – fear doesn't have the time nor attention to build as it once did.  You grow stronger and fear grows weaker in its influence over your life

Are you at a place in your life where you are feeling held back, unable to overcome a challenge or get out of your own head?

Use these 3 techniques to free yourself from being a slave to your fear and watch yourself blossom into a much happier, healthier and more productive person.

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