3 Ways To Set Yourself Up For Success


So many people assume they can crawl out of bed each day, respond to the challenges (your boss, the morning commute, everyone wanting your help) and enjoy the odd pleasure (a coffee break, a splurge on food or clothes, a happy moment with your family) and somehow your life will get better, your dreams will be fulfilled and success will come your way.

Does that sound realistic?

Yet this is the typical day for most of us…perhaps a fleeting thought about a goal, objective or desire gets mixed in for good measure, but soon any planning gets derailed by the events of the day, we end up with negative thoughts eating up our minds, we try and counter this with quick "fixes" (caffeine, sugar, alcohol, etc…).  By the end of the day we end up exhausted, deflated, frustrated and perhaps overwhelmed.  Tomorrow is another day, so we settle in for a few hours of decent sleep before we get up and do it all over again.

Sounds harsh doesn't it, but is you are honest with yourself chances are this scenario describes a typical day for someone who is stuck in a rut, unable to stay focused and achieve the imporant things in one's life.

Unfortunately keeping busy can hide the absurdity of this all for months, even years until it hits you – why haven't you moved toward your goals?  Why aren't you happy? What has happened during the last X years of my life?  What do I have to show for it?


Fortunately, there are situations like that described in Attracting Greatness, where rock bottom can be a temporary touch point that can soon become a distant memory as you change your life to become focused, directed, happy and healthy. 

Here are 3 ways to turn the tables in your favor and set yourself up for success from this point forward.

1. Start With Some Major, Purpose-Driven Goals:  You may doubt the ability of having goals, perhaps you have even tried setting them in the past becoming unconvinced that they are capable of changing your life in any meaningful way.  Certainly having goals alone is not the difference maker, so stay with us here.  Goal setting is the first step toward activating signficant change in your life.  Make sure the goals come from within – this may take some advanced introspection techniques where you let the true beliefs and purpose come out – meditation, relaxation and creative exercises can be amazingly helpful with this. 

2. Emotionally Driven:  A major reason that people fail to realize their goals is that they do NOT reinforce those goals with emotion.  You may "think" that you have placed top priority on your goals but your mind has other priorities you may not even be consciously aware of.  For instance, if you set a goal to lose 15lbs I guarantee you the pain of avoiding the foods you love and eating for comfort will overwhelm the pleasure you have linked to losing the 15lbs UNLESS you (on a daily basis) replay a very specific movie in your mind of what life will be like if you DO NOT achieve your weight loss goals.  In other words you must emotionally link pleasure to success and pain with defeat in order to realize your life goals. 

3. Step-By-Step Roadmap: Once you have your purpose-driven goals defined, you have linked the proper pain and pleasure emotions to these goals and review these daily, the final step is to make sure you have a step-by-step roadmap for working toward these goals outlined each day.  You want to be clear on what you need to do each day to work toward your goals and draw motivation from reaching each step on the ladder as you climb toward the top.

No matter where you are stuck in your life today know that you can turn things around.  The techniques shared here (and outlined in even more detail in Attracting Greatness) will work for you…so the sooner you apply them, the sooner you can change your life and be living a passion-filled, happy and successful life.

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September 14, 2011

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September 16, 2011

grandynincigo @ 1:41 am #

I myself was an abused wife. My husband at the time would hit me and tell me if I had not made him mad it would not have happened. He broke my ribs,bruised me, locked me in closets, put me down in front of others, called me names and told me no one else would want me because I was worth nothing. He refused to let me cook, clean or do anything. Be cause he said I was not smart enough. This also happened in front of my sons. The beatings got worse so I had to leave. Now my life is better. I am going to collage and in a good relationship. My advice to you is to leave and get help repairing your self esteem. I can tell you from experience that it takes a long time but in the end it is worth it. You are worth more than letting a man beat you. If you stay it will never get any better no matter what he promises you. It is not your fault for what he is doing. I always thought it was my fault but learned through therapy it was not. He needs help for his problem. Unless he helps himself you cannot help him. I know it is painful to think of a life on your own but it gets better. The love of friends and family can help you. Good luck.

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