Your Strengths Equal Your Power To Achieve


 So many people feel that if they can improve their skills, their abilities, their relationships, their influcence, their use of time or other factors common to personal development, that they will improve enough to radically change their lives becoming happier and wealthier in the end.

Unfortunately – they often leave out one very important factor. 

We've all made the mistake of chasing after something (and maybe even getting it) in the past only to find that…

  • This wasn't what we really wanted at all
  • We changed our mind between the time we started pursuing our goal and when we actually achieved it
  • We got what we wanted, but the results didn't live up to the expectations

So what is that elusive, often forgotten yet extremely important missing step?


How do you discover your hidden talents, interests and strengths?

Have you ever asked yourself these questions about others who achieve great things in their lives?

– Success seems to come so effortlessly attract amazing opportunities, while everything seems more challenging for you

– They have no trouble making loads of money, but you can't seem to keep above water each month

– They have a genuine love of life, while you are frustrated – always striving to achieve even the smallest ounce of happiness

So – what do they have that you don't? 

Don't blame me if this surprises you – it did me as well many years ago…

They know what they want AND…they know they can get it because…

They know they are good at it and are confident they will achieve great things.

Yes, you can – with terrific amounts of energy – become very good at most anything, but you can be especially great at something you share a talent and passion for AND you will live a much happier life in its pursuit.

Those who align their goals and actions with interests, passions and strengths create an almost unstoppable force toward success, achievement and attraction. 

Suddenly, the universe is put on notice – I WILL BE SUCCESSFUL so come with me.

Believe me, money isn't everything – YES, it's important and necessary for many things, but money without enjoyment, fulfillment and happiness destroys your health, your emotional state, your energy, relationships and eventually, will destroy you.

Think back in your life, what patterns of experiences, accomplishments and achievements did you feel especially strong about achieving? 

Which ones really stand out for you in terms of meaning in your life?

What activities do you get involved in where you completely lose track of time – where you can spend hours and not even notice the time go by completely wrapped up in the activity?

These are the first questions you can ask when tuning into your passions, interests and strengths.  The more you can discover about this special part of you, the more success and fulfillment you will enjoy in life.


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