Your Outlook On Life Determines Your Results


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Are things just not going your way in life?

Do you struggle with…

  • Getting people to like you or join your side?
  • Finding new opportunities, they seem to pass you by?
  • Having people cooperate instead of ignore or fight you?
  • Staying consistent and make progress toward your goals?
  • Making that next big jump in your life (health, relationships, job, finances…?)

One the key areas you want to make sure you are aware and in-control of is your outlook.

When you look at something new, do you tend to first find the fault or problem with it?

Do you come at things from a point of scepticism or optimism?  

I have to say that the majority of us were taught by schools and our parents to be critical, to dig in and really find the potential negatives in any situation, person or plan.

I know that my education taught me "critical thinking" nearly every day I went to school.

My parents, bless them, taught me to always question and be careful with any situation – in effect – look for the ways something may go wrong rather than the ways that they may go amazingly right.

Your Outlook On Life REALLY Matters…Here's Why

So, why does your outlook matter so much?

  1. Every situation, plan, idea or thought can be perceived for its negatives or its positives…there is ALWAYS this dichotomy present, realize that you have a choice to see the negative OR the positive in every situation…it is never an either/or concept
  2. Being critical and negative (and making your case around this thinking) brings other around you down and reinforces the probability that this outcome will materialize
  3. This criticism or focus on negative outcomes reinforces your brain's thought patterns taking focus away from positive outcomes toward ONLY seeing the negative outcomes (I call this the Negative Reinforcement Bias)
  4. Focusing on the possible negative outcomes removes your ability to control a situation which enhances the stress, frustration and anger you feel about a given situation
  5. This stress, frustration and anger has very real impacts on the health of your body, your mind and on your interactions with those around you
  6. As usual, you tend to attract those who are aligned with your outlook which means you further reinforce your negative outlook on life by attracting (knowingly or unknowingly) others who share your same affliction
  7. The absurd part of this entire circle is that you may be RIGHT and you may be of some VALUE for highlighting the negatives in a given situation, but the COSTS associated with chronic critical thinking are much higher as you will limit your own health, limit your potential leverage in society and limit the results you can achieve in your life

If we think about people who tend to be happier, well adjusted, and high achievers in life – have you ever thought to yourself "How they choose to ignore so many negatives choosing only to sugar-coat the situation and remain so optimistic?"

In fact, our subconscious becomes so threatened by these people we tend to lash out by labelling them as having "rose coloured glasses", being "naive" or simply having an agenda that in itself cannot be trusted.

But, have a look at your own outlook on life.

Is your outlook helping or hindering you?  

You may think you are doing a great thing for the world by identifying wrongs, faults or problems but after a while is anyone listening anyway?

The truth is that great people, accomplishments and results come from choosing to see the positive potential in any thought, idea, situation, person or plan.

Try changing your outlook for the next 7-days and see the impact it will have on your life.  The changes can be quite profound…if you give  a positive outlook a chance.

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