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As you, I am surrounded by different people…

  1. Some that are miserable, stuck and have given up hope
  2. Many people who have the desire to change, still have hope, have a vague vision of what they want their life to be but continue to live as if that life is years away
  3. Some people who have reached that point in their life where they are happy, financially successful, are self-assure and self-confident and pretty much have it figured out

Want to guess the category that MOST people fall into?

I'm sure it is the same for you, but most fall into that middle bucket.

Is Your Life Stuck In The Middle?

Even though it may seem they are so much better off than those who have lost all hope and live a depressed or hopeless life, the fact remains that the more time goes by the more cynical, hopeless and frustrated this group becomes.

So, the BIG question is what propels people from category 2 where they wish, hope and want a different life into category 3 where they are actually LIVING and seeing the results of the life that others only dream about.

Is it…

  • Luck?
  • Timing?
  • Intelligence?
  • Great connections?
  • Coming from a certain background?


Fact is that you can find people in category 3 that are completely self-made, that took years to reach their desired life, are certainly not the most intelligent or skilled people and that started off in rougher circumstances with less connection than you or I grew up with.

So what it the answer then?

The First Day Of Your New Life Starts TODAY

This should blow you away…it certainly did when I figured it out years ago…

Being happy, financially sound, confident and giving person is a JOURNEY that starts NOW and not something that will suddenly arrive or be achieved in the future.

Try following this logic…

  1. Before you can achieve anything in life you have to want it BAD enough and give yourself permission to be that person who achieves your goal – so start by seeing yourself as already having achieved your desired life.  How would that NEW person think, eat, act, use their free time, and who would they spend time with?
  2. After seeing yourself in that role and knowing what it takes, begin behaving that way starting NOW! What will that do?  Just — make you happy, give you confidence, get you moving in the right direction building momentum and attracting others to you who see the change in your behavior
  3. Who would this NEW person hang with and learn from?  Chances are you will make changes in who you spend time with, learn from and are influenced by…start that TODAY as this will build your skill, further change your thinking and begin to build the connections that will both fulfill you while offering you greater opportunity
  4. Starting NEW TODAY is not taking a risk, staying where you are for another DAY is…hopefully this needs no further explanation
  5. Giving yourself permission to start living your new life NOW allows you to tap into a near unlimited supply of energy, creativity and greatness that you have been holding down for months, years and decades…the sooner you release this, the sooner you will be happier and more influential

The message, I hope, is clear.

If you are waiting for permission, the perfect timing or until someone or something happens to trigger change in your life then you are most likely going to wait a lifetime and never be, have or do the things that you have in the back of your mind.

Instead, change starting NOW – have the faith in yourself and your personal power to put in action TODAY what you have been putting off for so long.

Nothing magical will happen to trigger this change, instead you have everything you need right now to make it happen starting with your mindset, giving yourself the permission to LIVE your dream starting now to get the ball rolling on this exciting life journey you may have only dreamed of in the past.

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