You Have What It Takes To Be Self Confident


Have you ever lost your self-confidence, questioned your ability, your appearance or how others feel about you?

I hope you said yes…because everyone has at one time or another.  The trick is to manage low-self confidence and replace it with just "being yourself" again to get back on track.

Lack of self confidence can sneak up on you…just when you thought you had the world by the tail, slowly your life begins to unravel or a nagging challenge re-emerges in your life.

People who get stuck in a rut and have trouble with their confidence often describe it as…

  • tremendous self-doubt – questioning yourself and how others perceive you constantly
  • not being able to just be "me" – instead I act differently than I would like
  • you don't have that extra charm, energy or charisma that others seem to be able to woo others with
  • you end up beating yourself up with negative self-talk, negative thoughts or feelings
  • you can't get it together when it matters the most, instead you make excuses and exit stage left…but it comes back to haunt you because YOU know you did it
  • afraid that you won't be able to handle certain situations, embarassment or rejection…which creates anxiety and avoidance in your life
  • uncomfortable around those that you want to be more like but perceive as "out of reach" for you
  • experience a rollercoaster of feelings from way up to extremely badly hurt…wouldn't it be nicer to just live a more emotionally balanced life? 

I'm sure you can (or have been able to) relate to one or more of these feelings…low self esteem is something that happens to everyone at one point or another in life.

The good news is that there are ways to change your life, get unstuck and actually reverse the trend toward being more self confident.

I love the insights and techniques discussed in Attracting Greatness – getting to the root of what causes insecurity, low self esteem and being controlled in life rather than controlling your own way…fundamentally it comes down to a combination of factors including fear and anxiety, reaction to stress, alignment with a life purpose,  physical balance and methods you can use to tap into each of these to make sure you are working at 100% emotional efficiency. 

For example, here are some tips on helping to increase your self confidence quickly:

  1. Work on techniques including meditation that help to uncover what truly makes you happy, finding your life purpose and putting stress into perspective to help manage your reaction to stress & anxiety  – this will lay the foundation for improving your self image including external projection of self confidence
  2. Pay attention to your health – specifically get tested for common imbalances such as candida, parasites and nutritional deficiencies that hamper 90% of the population – clearing up these challenges paves the way for more energy, positivity and an overall improvement in your self-confidence
  3. Positive affirmations…while these typically don't work on their own, when combined with the other methods they can be extremely powerful
  4. Be motivated by setbacks and challenges as the necessary resistance to progress and success…instead of being dejected and negative about perceived setbacks, instead train yorself to be motivated by them as they are critical to your overall success in being "yourself"
  5. Forget about external validation…if you realize that 90% of the population also suffer from low self-esteem, lack of purpose, overeact to stress and suffer lack of health, then it is no wonder that they do not validate you…they are largely incapable themselves so look for intrinsic motivation rather than external motivation

Having experienced the techniques and methods outlined in Attracting Greatnesss I can say without doubt that the methods outlined in that book (some of which are included above) will work to turn a lack of self confidence into total self confidence in a very short time.  Even if you are not suffering low self esteem now, it is still great information to have in your back-pocket for any future setbacks…now you will be prepared!

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