You Can't Fake Certainty!


Have you ever experienced being in the presence of someone who's certainty, commitment and confidence is so powerful you instantly come under the spell of that person?

It could be a musician that delivers the first few notes of a song so convincingly that you get goosebumps up and down your body or a top industry expert that seems so comfortable and certain about their views that you find yourself nodding in agreement within minutes of sitting down to listen to them.

Wouldn't it be great to have that impact on other people?

How do you gain that sort of persuasive influence over others, where you no longer have to fight, struggle and scream to be heard, but where your very presence is enough to make others fall under your spell?

The mistake many people make is looking at psychological tactics as the way to possess this influence, yet it is not tactics alone that will deliver what you want.

See, many of the tactics call for being likeable, using humor, practicing reciprocity, and modelling the behavior of those you wish to influence…but these will come off looking simply like techniques of manipulation if you are missing the one factor that almost nobody talks about…CERTAINTY.

When you are 110% certain about your convictions and you are around others who are 90% certain, you get instant influence – one of the reasons this is true is that certainty is one of the core human needs that we actively seek out.  The more we care about something, the more powerful the need for certainty.

Certainty Comes From…

The next question then becomes, where does certainty come from?

Can you fake certainty?

Can you appear to be certain about something when you really are unsure yourself?


Certainty comes from one fundamental concept – BELIEF.

But what if you're not SURE if you believe ENOUGH to have the certainty you need?

Ah….now we are getting to the root of an incredible breakthrough…

Train yourself to believe!

Yes, through techniques outlined in Attracting Greatness that include visualization, meditation, specific types of affirmations, and specific methods to draw out your inner belief and strength you can tap into unwavering belief which will lead you to the certainty missing from your life today.

With unwavering conviction and belief comes certainty which leads to confidence and swagger (we like to use that word today!)  which gives us the basis for powerful influence.

Because everything is aligned…our needs, beliefs and convictions as well as a high level of certainty we set the foundation for incredible fulfillment and happiness in our life.

But remember, you can't FAKE certainty…it must come from within,

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