You Are What You Think And What You Consume

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It amazes me each time I see someone who wants, wishes or desires change in their life settle back into a chair and read the newspaper, watch CNN or Fox News, call up someone who they can bitch too or fight with someone over something that, in the grand scheme of things, doesn't really matter at all.

What people often do not realize is that the results you get in any area of your life are directly linked to…

  1. The beliefs and thoughts that you have throughout the day, and…
  2. The content, behavior, energy, food and energy that you consume

Here is a simple analogy...

If you take a trip to a foreign country where the water is filled with bacteria and other nasties and you drink the water – what happens?

You become ill don't you.

In fact, in many cases you can get extremely ill, you feel it in the short-term as well as the lasting impact it will have on your body for months and years to come.

The only way to "cure" your illness is stay away from infected water and cleanse your body of the impurities – some of that happens naturally, you can speed up the process by specifically focusing on the cleanse and improving the overall health of your body.

What Do You Consume?

Closely related to the analogy of impure water above is diet – the degree to which you live an unhealthy life and ingest impure food will dictate how healthy your body is.

That means everything from how well your metabolism operates (keeping you lean and muscular burning energy efficiently) to how well your digestion and absorption of essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes operates.

Fill yourself with toxic food and you will become toxic impacting everything from your intelligence to your behavior, from your look and feel to your emotional state.

Now, let's stretch the food and water analogy to other environments that impact your thoughts.

Can Your Thoughts Be "Toxic"?

If you read the newspaper regularly, watch the news, consume reality TV or even hang around with negative friends or people in your life you are feeding your mind poison (just like the water infected with bacteria and toxins) and it will have a very similar impact.

Your thoughts become negative, critical and your brain becomes wired for negative stimulus…you may wonder why you seem to be addicted to certain TV programs like the news or reality TV – the truth is that your brain becomes wired to expect the stimulus associated with negativity…

Trouble is, you are what you think and what you think is largely implanted and formulated by what you consume.

You want to change the thoughts you have, the actions you take and the results you get in life, then change your thoughts by changing what you consume.

1-Week Emotional Cleanse

Turn off the news, stop reading the newspaper, seek out positive content online such as learning programs and inspirational videos and begin to replace the negative people in your life with positive people who share your new point of view on things.

Try it for just 1-week, with great discipline, control what you consume and make it 90% positive – see what that does for your emotional state, your health, your thinking and your overall accomplishments in life.

While 1-week is not enough to implant new consumption patterns into your brain, it is long enough for you to see dramatic changes begin to happen and with your intent, it will be enough to motivate you to stick with this discipline for the next month after which you will have started to change your daily habits…that'w where the power really lies and your life will change forever!

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