Willpower And Exhaustion


How many times have you had the internal discussion with yourself  where you say "I'm just too tired today to do that 1-mile run" or "I will just have a few chips and carry on with my diet tomorrow?"

These are the "slippery slope" moments in our life when we let exhaustion overcome our willpower and usually end up careening downhill with breakdowns that take months to repair.

First, anyone that succeeds in life – whether those successes are financial, social, psychological, or just living a life full of abundance, happiness and enjoyment – there must be an ongoing energy applied to willpower and discipline.

Many of us do not have the energy, we are too tired and give in to temptation – take the easy route out and lose our focus, perhaps never really regaining the form we once had.

What are some reasons we lose our willpower due to exhaustion?

1. As we outline in the highly touted study of Attracting Greatness, 90% or more of us are walking around today in a "toxic" state where our bodies are overwhelmed with nasty parasites, imbalances of bacteria, poor health regeneration, toxic levels of poisons we inherit from the environment and food we eat…all of this leads to a state where exhaustion is not the exception, but becomes the normal.  We operate in a constant state of tiredness, low energy where we cannot hope to maintain our willpower.

2. Recent studies have also shown that the degree to which we experience emotional turmoil also exhausts us depleting the ability for additional willpower in our lives.  So, for example, if we struggle with a low self-esteem and just existing in life each day puts us into a state of heightened emotional turmoil, the challenge is that we will have much less energy left to apply to willpower which means we tend to eat poorly, exercise less, are more prone to depression and other issues – which in turn feed the low self-esteem.  Do you see the vicious circle here?

So what do we do about it?

First, we must work on our self-esteem. Look deep within ourselves through meditation and yoga which help us to lower the amount of emotional turmoil (and thus wasted energy) we use each day.

Next, we must commit ourselves to understanding the real health of our bodies – rid them of the toxic state we find ourselves in today and continue to stay in a heightened state of purity giving us added energy.

Finally, we must be aware that willpower, discipline and focus – key building blocks of achieving greatness, are highly dependent on energy – we must nurture and protect our energy stores from negative people, strengthen our stress management capabilities and learn to direct our energy toward discipline and willpower.

The good news is that making small changes today will pay HUGE rewards. By committing to daily meditation we can, in just a few short weeks, notice massive reductions in emotional turmoil and see the benefit of added energy making exhaustion the exception instead of the rule.

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