Why You Should Ignore The Outside World – First


Today's posting targets the huge GAP between being able to achieve goals versus your outside-focused daily activities.  This post will give you new insight empowering you to accomplish more and be happier doing it.

One of the most enlightening reflections you can have (it only takes a few moments) is to think back through your day or if you are reading this in the morning, take yesterday and recall each hour from the point you woke up to the point you closed your eyes at night.

Specifically, what I want you to think about is how much of what you were thinking or doing during that hour was due to someone else versus what you have identified as your top 3 priorities (across health, career/finance, personal wellness)

When most people do this they are amazed by how much of their daily thinking and activity is influenced by someone else.

  • Your morning routine is directed by your family
  • You are rushed and governed almost entirely based on getting to work for a meeting, conference call or to start working on a deadline
  • Your customers, bosses or co-workers are demanding your time
  • You have to travel because of your job
  • You have running around to do to satisfy your spouse, parents or kids
  • Your friends have asked you to help them shopping or with a task
  • Your teachers completely govern your creative energy and your time

Do any of these sound familiar?

And yet, on the other hand, we tend to be surprised why we are stressed, anxious, lack direction and never seem productive (at least in terms of what we would like to be accomplishing)

See the conflict?

You may not want to hear this, but to be more successful, happier, more productive and more able to help those around you – we often have to do more of shutting out the outside world and make sure YOU are directing your thoughts, activities, schedule and energy.

While this may seem selfish and may even be viewed as selfish in the short-term, the outcome will be a happier, healthier and more capable person who can actually improve your relationships and improve your ability to assist, teach and help those around you.

What about you?

Are you ready to be more inward-driven even if this means ignoring more of the outside world?


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