Why My Face Gets Red (Flushed) Too Easily?


I've always dealt with a face that gets flushed much easier than most people.  If I was even the slightest nervous, anxious or even exerted my face would turn bright red letting the world know exactly what I was going through.

Not a big deal in general except when you are trying to keep it altogether in front of a crowd or person where you are trying not to show your anxiety.

What's interesting is that this is a very common occurrence yet each of us that have similar conditions feel it is only us.  In fact, some very famous people including Bill Clinton, Mariah Carey and Rosie O'donnell suffer with a more severe case of this condition

The medical term for the more severe version that causes your face to turn red is Rosacea, many others suffer with a less serious condition that may or may not be a milder form of Rosacea.

Typical triggers that bring on this flushing of your face can include:

  1. Anxiety or stress
  2. Lack of sleep
  3. Certain foods (spicy, greasy, sweet, etc…)
  4. Immune response (as you fight off a cold or flu for example)
  5. Alcohol – as little as a few sips may turn your face beat red
  6. Moderate exercse

There are various theories on why this flushing condition exists:

  • Your blood vessels can be closer to the surface of the skin so what is a rather normal condition can appear as more severe flushing for some people
  • High blood pressure
  • Higher than normal levels of peptide cathelicidin – an enzyme in the digestive system
  • A link to malfunctioning digestive system – this could be due to yeast overgrowth (candida) in the gut, parasites or possibly an over-abundance of certain bacteria in the gut

What can you do to keep your red face and flushing under control?

1. First, being embarrassed and self-conscious of this condition only makes it worse.  Accept that a substantial portion of the population are simply built this way and understand that in 99.9% of situations it really doesn't matter

2. Clean up your digestive system.  Get checked for candida overgrowth and/or parasites…a well functioning digestive and immune system can help your face flush less and is the right thing to do for overall health and energy in any case

3. Medications have really been of limited success, so unless you are an extremely severe case, take a pass on the antibiotics and steroid treatments that often have limited success in any case

4. Avoid trigger foods, at least for the time being until you deal with any digestive issues

5. Natural remedies that include Calc salts (Calcarea Phosphorica) which is essential to various parts of your body not the least of which is proper cell generation and re-generation, helping achieve proper cell structure can reduce the symptoms of flushing face.  One of the leading natural remedies is RosaRex

As you can see, you are not alone in experiencing the unpleasant symptoms as your face gets red and flushed at the drop of a pin…know that this will really have limited impact on your life and that with getting proper sleep, taking care of your digestive system, reducing your stress and anxiety and trying an alternative remedy you can get this condition largely under control.


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