Why Chasing Happiness Will NEVER Work


chasing happinessIf you asked a dozen people what they want most out of life, 75% will answer "happiness" or "to be happy"

Seems logical right?  Who the hell doesn't want to be happy?


The challenge with happiness is that "happy" is a temporary emotion when what we really want is something more…

Remember when you were a kid coming downstairs anxiously waiting to see what Santa brought you for Christmas or the day your child was born…these are examples of happiness.

No matter how hard we try,  we cannot maintain that state even most of the time in life?

So if that is not possible, what can we make of the expectation and the pursuit of trying to achieve a constant state of happiness?

No wonder the "Finding Happiness" market is so huge…everyone wants it, but because it is impossible to achieve we spend a lifetime trying…continually getting more discouraged each time we fail.


So if happiness is not the pursuit, what should we be looking for?

I prefer to look at what makes us happy…if we can live our lives in a near constant state supporting things that make us happy, chances are the end-result will be that we will be happy MOST of the time…and the rest of the time we know we are living in harmony with what we know will eventually deliver greater happiness.

So, here are 3 objectives that you CAN quickly bring to your life AND impact your life in positive, exciting and fulfilling ways:

1. MEANING...One of the fundamental needs we have in life is to understand why we exist, how we fit within society, how we can improve ourselves and how we can have an impact outside of ourselves.  Some of the most profound breakthroughs people have experienced from Attracting Greatness – How To Change Your Life Forever is uncovering their purpose in life and getting closer to knowing how to experience constant meaning in their lives…this really does make you unstoppable.

2. MANAGE FEAR...Most of us are severely held back from reaching our true potential by fear and anxiety in our lives.  We fear failure, we fear succeeding, we fear being alone, we fear being committed, we fear death, we fear life…! Fear literally rules most of our lives.  Fear, in certain circumstances is useful as both a protector and motivator.  Yet learning to put fear into the proper perspective is absolutely necessary to improve our lives.

3. DISCIPLINE…Once you have the certainty, control and fulfillment associated with guiding your life's ambitions in a way that is more meaningful AND you have learned to harness the power of fear while managing the stifling its stifling impact, your next focus can be transitioning from a passive reactor into a self-disciplined, action-oriented leader in society.  With self-discipline comes true freedom…the freedom to focus on a highly desired outcome and KNOW that you can reach that outcome no matter what.


Should we switch our thinking from trying to find the emotion we label "Happiness" and instead pursue those day-to-day ways of living so that we live in a constant state of Meaning, Not Inhibited By Fear all backed by a daily commitment to self-discipline?  Leave us your comment and let us know your thoughts.

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