Why Changing Your Life Can Be So Hard


How many times have you been stuck at a place in your life where you know full well that you MUST change your life in order to survive?

It's a lonely, serious and very powerful feeling isn't it?

When you reach this point in your life you…

  • Feel trapped and often can't see the way out
  • No longer can rely on defense mechanisms or escape techniques such as drinking, drugs, sex, hiding, running away or keeping a "stiff upper lip"
  • Can't believe it has reached this point, it didn't happen overnight so how long is it going to take to change?
  • Wonder is it really possible to change at this point in your life?
  • Everything seems complicated…there are kids, jobs, financial issues, relationships, people you love, commitments you've made…how will you figure all of this out?
  • Suspect that your health challenges are the result of the stress and strain this point in your life is causing…and you're probably right!

All of this can seem incredibly overwhelming.

You feel cornered.  No matter what route you take to change your life there is both good and bad – mostly you see the bad.

You may not be completely aware of it, but you even question your own ability to handle the days coming forward.  Can you really stay living like this?  What happens if you do start the process of changing your life, will you be able to handle the challenges that change brings?

So, not only do you see yourself and powerless with very little control over your life, but your self confidence is depleted so that you doubt your very ability to dig yourself out of this situation.

Sound familiar?


It's not that you haven't considered, or even taken steps, to make changes in your life.

You have tried to think positive, keep putting one foot in front of the other and wait out this low point in your life.

You may have tried to get a new job, end a problematic relationship, beat an addiction or improve your confidence…but there were setbacks and it's tough to see how meaningful change can really take hold.

No doubt, changing your life, getting unstuck and really flourishing in mind, body and spirit is hard…but it's only hard because there are some critical factors that must be in place BEFORE meaningful, lasting change can happen.

The complete system outlined in Attracting Greatness: Ultimate System For Positive Life Change goes through a series of proven steps – a few of which we wanted to include here for you to read and apply to your life…


Before you can make progress in changing your life for the better there must be a deeply held, highly emotional desire to get out of your current situation and improve your life.

For most, this comes only in times of crisis – a health scare, bottoming out with an addiction, a major relationship change such as death of a loved one, an intervention or breakup.

What you really want to cultivate is the same spark that is ignited in crisis WITHOUT having to live through the actual crisis.

This involves equal amounts of associating pain with your existing life situation and actively experiencing the pleasure associated with living the life you really want to be living.

The spark alone will not bring you the change in life you desire…but it is imperative that you charge the biggest spark possible to accelerate the pace of change in your life.


With a spark comes the desire, wish or wanting to change in your life…but is that enough?

We can really "want" to be pretty much anything in life – we could "want" to be a professional dancer, musician, famous business millionaire or leader of your community…but is that really possible if all we do is wish?

The second major factor in successful life change is "Belief"

In other words, you must truly, deeply, unconditionally believe that you will (or already have) achieved that which you started with your spark.

Just as without air and heat a spark will quickly be extinguished, without fundamental belief that you are already living the life you want, progress will be quickly stopped.


Major things like life change do not just "happen".

Yes, I am a believer in being able to attract positive energy, relationships and events into your life…I have lived too long to not understand that there are fortuitous things that happen to those who believe.

I am also practical and have observed over and over again that those people who are "lucky" (to whom good things happen) are prepared to take full advantage when good things do happen.

In other words, they have planned out a path toward improvements in their life against which they keep an open mind to other paths…but stay sure to their plan to be constantly living a journey of enrichment and happpiness.

Go ahead and prepare your milestones with the end in mind.  Boldly plan toward the outer reaches of that which you seek and know that your path is set.

With this certainty comes control and with control comes confidence, enthusiasm, energy and focus…all critical elements to changing your life


Now that you have generated the spark, fanned the flames with belief, set out a certain path toward success what is left is to execute on your vision.

A few words on execution:

  1. Be consistent – if you have a bad day, a setback…persist knowing you will get there
  2. Embrace Failure (Setbacks) – the sooner you learn that failure is temporary and that through these temporary setbacks is your #1 method of learning the way forward, you will never again walk in fear, but rather fearlessly embrace progress as THE method to live a fulfilling and happy life
  3. Look inward for strength.  Too many people seek strength from those around them…each time we do that we hand over a degree of control to someone else.  Instead draw upon our internal strength and power to realize inner power which builds confidence and control in our lives
  4. Test and Refine…the greatest people in history fail many times on the route to Greatness…know now that this is the right path.  Expect it and move on
  5. Re-evaluate.  Many reach a certain place in their lives where they are "satisfied" with their lot in life…only to look back at this time as the point at which they fell into a deep rut.  Constantly challenge yourself to live an on-purpose and happy life.  Do not let complacency creep in and you will avoid the rollercoaster ride that makes up so many people's lives who live extreme emotional high's only to drop into deep low points in their life


No wonder changing your life seems hard…it is in the sense that you must have each element (#1 to #4) in order to experience substantial change in your life.

The good news is that knowing these key aspects multiply the likelihood that you can change ANY current situation into a much better life…why not get started now?

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