Why Can Life Be Such A Struggle For Some People?


stop struggle lifeHave you ever thought of this question?

Why does life for some people seem like an endless battle…

  • a struggle for attention
  • a battle to stay positive
  • a miracle that anything gets done or accomplished
  • one step forward, two-steps back
  • a feeling that you are holding yourself back
  • a feeling that the entire universe is holding you back
  • constant struggles with relationships, money, and with yourself

Yet, at the same time, others are able to come out on the winning side much more often, seem to deflect any negative occurrences in their life and live long and happy lives?

It's an interesting question isn't it?

Certainly this is a key question underlying the study of high achievers and fulfilled Greatness outlined in Attracting Greatness…where the steps to achieving breakthrough change in tens of thousands of people's lives has already been realized.

Put your finger on the answers to this question and you gain control of your ability to get more enjoyment, happiness, fulfillment and achievement out of life.  Certainly worthwhile objectives aren't they?

Here are 3 reasons that may help explain why life can be a struggle for some, a happy experience for others.

1. Reason For Living

It goes without saying that every person I have come across in life that has realized long stretches of happiness, oceans of fulfillment and high achievement have a major reason or purpose for living life fully each and every day.

The purpose can be very different, some strive for world peace, to build giant companies, to cure disease while others have less ambitious, but no less important, purposes such as raising their family, supporting their spouse or spending time with their best friend.

I had a great grandmother that lived to 103, right up until the days before her final breath she was incredibly happy, fulfilled, content and an absolute joy to be around.

Her driving force for the first half of her life was her unabated dedication to the love of her life…her husband.  Was he perfect?  Far from it, and she knew that.  Still she made her purpose in life to support him without condition and that made her happy.  The second phase of her life was dedicated to spending time with extended family and her best friend for 60-years…that was her PURPOSE…she looked forward to waking up each and every day to pull family closer and spend quality time with her best friend.

It doesn't matter so much what your purpose or reason is, just that you have one that sparks passion and is aligned with your values and beliefs…the key to being motivated, staying happy and positive.

2. Adapt To Change

Change is a fact of life, we can't get around it.

Often people who constantly struggle in life are people that resist change.  They always resent the present and future because they know it will not be the same as the past.

Isn't that a recipe for struggle in itself?

If you find yourself in this boat (and I admit at times I get caught up in the past or present resisting change), you want to work on your belief system around accepting rather than fearing change.

Many times our fear and anxiety around change in life comes from a lack of self confidence, we are unsure if we can "handle" what comes next.  We spend our time trying to control the present, only to see change as an unpleasant disruption requiring more work to get control of the present.

So goes the endless game of cat and mouse.

Meditate, visualize and create affirmations around your ability to not only accept change, but to embrace it as the essence of life itself.

Adapting to change will make a huge difference in breaking out of the "struggle" mindset.

3. Manage Stress

Have you ever noticed that some people are able to let stress bounce off of them almost like they had a "stress-busting" shield?

I'm sure you have gone through days when nothing seems to get to you, while other days the smallest things seem to get under your skin?

Generally speaking, if you can get better at releasing rather than holding on and escalating stress in your life you will be relieved of a life of struggle.

I know people (I'm sure you do too…) that will actually CREATE stress if it doesn't exist, their purpose in life becomes struggle rather than releasing stress so they can achieve their greater purpose in life.

Once it is decided that a life with less stress is desired, that's when techniques like deep breathing, meditation, yoga, exercise and various guided thinking can make massive differences in people's lives.   This is covered in detail within Attracting Greatness. 

So perhaps the reason that some people struggle in life is not such a mystery after all?

It's your turn, do you agree with these 3 explanations for why some people struggle and others do not in life?

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