Why Belief Is Critical To Success In Life


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We all want our own definition of success in life, for some that means overcoming a debilitating illness while for others it means meeting the partner of our dreams.

I fully recognize that "success" is a subjective term, meaning different things to different people at different points in their lives.

In your 20's, success may mean getting that first job and paying off your debt.

In your 30's success could mean finally finding that amazing significant other that helps you love and be loved in life.

In your 40's, success may mean losing weight, improving your how you look and feel.

Given that there are no "universal" definitions of success, but that success in life means something very profound, emotional and important to you at a given time…let's deal with how we can turn that vision, dream or goal into reality.

You need at least 3 things to achieve your own version of life success:

1.  A Purpose-Driven, Specific, Clear Definition of What Success Means To You

Not only must this detailed definition be specific, it must be something you are passionate about more than anything else in life.  It can't be fuzzy, it must be BIG and it must be REAL in your mind – as clear as if you had already achieved it.

2. Raw Emotion – Pain Versus Pleasure

In addition to that clear, specific picture of what success in life means to you, you want to bring out very raw emotions in two specific areas:

a) What are the amazing pleasures you experience as you realize your success in life?  What does it feel like?  How are you seen by people around you?  What level of comfort, energy and excitement follows you everywhere once you have achieved  your dreams?

b) What is the excruciating pain associated with NOT pursuing or not yet achieving your success in life?  What will you miss out on?  What will happen to your emotional and physical health? What financial situation will that put you in?  Make it real and do not blunt the pain – this will help with your ongoing motivation.

3. Belief

Now we come to the "X" factor that almost everyone forgets is a HUGE part of what drives us to achieve extraordinary things as humans.


You can have all of the dreams, wishes, fantasies and goals in the world but if you do not 110% believe that you can achieve them, you will fall short.
Think of it as the fuel in a car, you have the most expensive car in the world, the finest built engine, the best driver – but if you do not have fuel to get the car started, you aren't going anywhere.

Belief works the same way…if you are consistently falling short of your dreams or wishes then look at how much you truly believe that you a) Deserve to achieve your success in life and b) That you believe you have it in you, no matter what, to realize your goals.

It's no accident that we are far more likely to accomplish a goal if we first see that someone else has done it.  And far more likely again if that "other" person is someone we see as equivalent to us…where we can actually substitute ourselves in their place and visualize ourselves (without a doubt) accomplishing the same outcome.

4. Take Action – Despite Setbacks

Once you have your clear definition of what success in life means to you,  have tapped into your raw emotion to give you the edge and fueled your journey with strong belief, your last focus should be on taking constant and consistent action with the understanding that setbacks will be an important part of the journey.

First, driven by your vision, emotion and belief give yourself the best chance at constant and consistent action by working a disciplined plan each day where you do what is most important to work your plan that day before anything else.

Second, expect and even welcome setbacks as key learning accelerators on your journey to achieve your success life outline.

Your Turn…

What is success in life to you?

Do you have a clear definition and if so, where are you on your life journey…leave a comment.

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