Where Does Your Stress Come From?


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We all talk about how much stress we have in our lives…but where does that stress really come from?

When stress is at a chronic level in our lives it affects everything right?

It seems that everything is conspiring to hit you from all angles – the one thing you do know for sure is that you have less and less control and are feeling more and more overwhelmed.

In order to manage that stress, it's important that we clearly identify where the root of that stress is coming from…that means looking at a few different parts of your life.

Your Job Or Career

This is the place most of us jump to when it comes to identifying our stress.  It may certainly be the main source of stress, so let's dig a little deeper.

Is that stress the result of:

  • Your job being boring?
  • Your job being mis-aligned (not the type of job or level that you see yourself in)?
  • You are held back…it is the right job, but you can't seem to reach the next level?
  • This is completely the wrong job for you…you are better suited to an entirely different employer, market or you want to run your own business?
  • The travel associated with your job?
  • You lacking certain skills or competencies?

Can you put your finger on what it is about your job that is stressing you out?

That's super important if you want to stand a chance bringing that stress under control

Your School/Education

If you are under 20, then this may be your category.  Again, can you put your finger on what about your education is stressing you out?

Is it short-term (like a test or exam coming up) or more integral to the school such as your social network or your overall direction in life?

Your Home Life

What I mean here is your relationships.  Are you stressed out by your significant other, your kids, your parents?  What is it about your home life that lacks congruency with your beliefs or expectations?

Your Health Or Habits?

Many people do not look honestly at their own health and habits when it comes to evaluating what is stressing them out in their life.

In many cases, they may start the day completely stressed out because they looked at themselves in the mirror and hated what they saw.

Or, they woke up late because they stayed up too late gaming, watching TV or partying the night before which creates stress for them the next day.

Go ahead now and put a rating on the level of stress you feel over your current lifestyle, health and habits?


This one is big.  

For many of you, not having close friends or having challenges with those friends is a massive source of stress in your life.

In fact, it could be what is ultimately causing stress in your home, work and lifestyle areas of your life.

How much stress do you have around your relationships?

Summing It Up

Look, there are very effective ways for dealing with stress in your life, however the first thing you MUST do is identify where the biggest stress areas are of your life.

In SNAP System For Getting Unstuck In Your Life, several techniques for managing stress, fear and procrastination are provided…once you are able to target these techniques at the areas of your life where you are feeling the most pain, the most stressed, you will be able to target those areas and see maximum benefit.


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