Where Do You Find Motivation And Inspiration?


motivation inspirationI bet you have gone through days or longer periods of your life where nothing seems to interest or excite you?

Remember as kids how it seemed like so many things were exciting…you made up games, hanging out with friends, just heading outside usually meant you would find something to peak your interest.

As we get older it gets tougher and tougher to hold onto that child-like wonderment and excitement doesn't it?

Without periodically finding something to be interested in, to be passionate about and to get excited over life can become dull, even a chore.

So I thought it would be good to have us share with each other those things that motivate and inspire us so that others who are struggling can find their way out of being stuck and once again be inspired into a positive, constructive mindset and into taking positive actions.

Here are a handful of things that may get you going…

1. Higher Purpose

One common source of inspiration and motivation for many of the high achievers studied when putting together Attracting Greatness was having a higher purpose such as your children, your family, a good friend, a social cause, social change or simply renewing one's faith in personal or a higher power.  This works because we take the focus off of ourselves, placing it onto a higher purpose which helps to satisfy the basic human needs of "place in society", for both learning and contributing back to those around us providing the glue we need to have grounding us in society.

2. Motivational Messages

We all feel better when we see someone who is struggling with what we are (or often in an even worse starting position) and have overcome these challenges to reach incredible heights in their lives.  I like to keep some common stories (some personal people I know while others are outsiders I learn about through books or inspirational videos) at hand and review them everyday (as important as breathing or sleeping) for motivation and inspiration.

3. Inside Of Ourselves

Through methods such as yoga and meditation or even just taking quiet time for daily introspection we can free our mind from the constant "busyness" that prevents our true thoughts and feelings to surface allowing peace and clarity where we can once again rekindle that amazing child-like wonder and natural curiosity that we had as kids.

4. Inspiration and Motivation Through Continual Learning

I don't know about you, but I am at my best when I am constantly learning new things about myself (personal development), my hobbies (ex. music or writing) or even about other people through biographies, interviews and profiles…when I am learning I tend to be inspired and motivated.  Watch or read a new personal development tip each day and apply that to your own life – inspiration and motivation will be the natural outcome

5. Social Involvement

The tendency we all have when feeling a lack of motivation or uninspired is to withdraw from society…reject strangers, friends and even family where we decide to be miserable alone not realizing that we are just feeding the beast and that being around people is often just what we need most to bring back inspiration and motivation.  You can help prevent getting into this rut by making sure you have regular social activities lined up…movie nights, book clubs, a night out each week, a sports club, a fitness club or class, extra learning credits…there are thousands upon thousands of options you can tap into to get yourself moving and become reintegrated into society improving your motivation and inspiration.

What Inspires And Motivates You?

Do you have something, someone or a method that you use to get or stay motivated and inspired?  Share it by leaving a comment, let's hear your very best!



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