When Will You Start Living?


Isn't it incredible how many days, weeks, and years fly by while we rationalize in our own mind why we aren't living the way we really want to?

What if

"When I meet the person of my dreams I will be happy"

turned into

"I am going to change my life starting right now and become more happy and healthy to guarantee that I meet the person of my dreams"

And what if

"I will just wait until the mortgage is paid off and THEN I will work on a career or business of my dreams"

changed to

"I will start working TODAY toward aligning my career or business goals with my dreams so that I can enjoy my job, enjoy my life and the money will come easier so I can not only pay off my debt, but can break any ceiling that is now limiting my growth potential"

Consider if

"I will wait until the next deadline, next year, until my kids are grown or my job eases up to pay attention to my emotional and physical health"

were instead

"I will focus right now on my health and emotional well being so that I am better able to handle the stresses life will continue to throw at me"

Do you get the feeling that you continually put off "living" in favor of compromise, fitting in or trying to exist until you feel you have a decent shot at living the life you really want?

You are not alone, the vast majority of us continually put off true "living" in favor of the status quo, making due and existing turning us into frustrated, stressed-out, anxious and unhealthy people.

Doesn't it make sense to turn this around to living happier, more fulfilled, healthier and more productive lives where we are "living" the life we want and where we attract the people, situations, finances, and results we really wish we had?

Does it make sense to continually put this off?

I know in my case, at times I get into these patterns of putting things off and I know they can suddenly extend into weeks, months and years…time you will not get back.

So, put a stake in the sand.  Recognize that you are continually pushing off "living" and that you control the decision to change this procrastination starting right now.

Inside "Get Unstuck In Your Life" there are 4 key exercises that do a wonderful job of helping you move from where you are today to where you want to be in a very simple, practical way that you can adapt to your life and help you starting living your life immediately.

Are you ready?

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