When Challenges Hit, Work On Solutions


get over challenges in life

There are three possible responses you have to a challenges and setbacks in your life…

  1. You dwell and let them eat away at you impacting every area of your life
  2. You *think* you ignore them and turn the other cheek, but silently they eat you up inside
  3. You instantly rebound and keep moving forward

Hopefully it is obvious that we want to fall into category #3 where we can quickly transition and turn setbacks into fuel for even higher greatness in our lives…the formula outlined inside Attracting Greatness.

Unfortunately, at least 90% of the cases we see fall into categories 1 and 2.

Category two is the most insidious because it fools you into believing you are not letting the challenge get to you, burying it deep within your subconscious, running away – in effect.

The problem is that it continues to eat away at you creating chronic stress, anger, frustration that has both a lasting impact on your health and emotional state as well as a cumulative effect – building until you hit a a boiling point where you either experience severe depression, anger that makes you lash out at those around you or self-medicate to numb the pain that is eating away at you.

What Works To Overcome Challenges Or Setbacks Then?

On the other hand, there are 10% (or less) that have learned to quickly rebound from challenges, almost instantly refocus any negative energy into positive power.

These people will swear to you that they do not ever think about their setbacks, failures, or challenges – they simply don't recall them because they do not focus on them.

All focus is immediately transitioned to building confidence, finding solutions and overcoming the challenge.

We see this in entrepreneurs who have failed many times in business, and over time learn to "feed off" of that failure to quickly pivot based on their learnings from the setback and turn them into new progress.

Elite athletes also learn to quickly take setbacks or challenges and refocus their energy on recovery or improvement.

You want to do the same in your life.

How do you deal with challenges now in your life?

Do you shrivel up and hide?

Do you bury it, ignore them and try to move on but find yourself still harbouring pain and stress from those challenges weeks, months or even years after?

Instead, try taking these 4 steps to defeat being beaten up next time you experience a setback or challenge:

  1. Take a deep breath, put the challenge into bigger context of overall life so it doesn't seem so massive
  2. Accept there was a reason for the setback and out of this will come something bigger, better, greater – you want to find it quickly
  3. Begin to transfer your energy into learning WHY it happened and what you can do to prevent it from happening again
  4. Work on the solution, improvement and taking the next steps forward – you can't lament, be sad and frustrated while you are working on moving forward – the two emotional states are incongruent


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