When Are You Least Self Confident?


I've been speaking to many people in my writing and marketing classes lately about their leve of self confidence, specifically about improving self confidence. 

Many of them come to me assuming they were the only ones struggling with a poor self-image when it came to one or another situation.

Some assume they are poor writers and assume they are the only ones that feel that way…while others feel artistic, but have absolutely zero self confidence about their ability to market their work. 

What about you…what situations make you squirm, really make you question your self confidence?

I bet if I asked 50 of you that question, there would be some very similar answers demonstrating the point that we all struggle with self confidence in certain situations or times in our life.

This great article titled "5 Ways To Improve Self Confidence" illustrates the point that even the most secure, self-assured, successful people experience low self confidence in certain places, events or times in their life.

Not only are you NOT alone, you can take some very quick, simple and highly effective steps to improve self confidence – and it starts (as the article mentions) with putting your fears, anxiety and uncertainty into perspective.  Most of us live with irrational levels of fear about the possibility of looking stupid, screwing up or otherwise embarassing ourselves. 

In 99.9% of the cases it's never as bad as we picture it in our mind.. the key to improving self confidence lies within our ability to change our perspective on these situations BEFORE they ever occur lessening our response to low self confidence, allowing us to live our lives more fully and constantly being able to improve ourselves and our self-esteem


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