What To Do When Things Aren't Clear?



Are you going through a point in your life where things just aren't clear to you?

You've reached a point where the path forward is just not apparent…you may have things you want or a picture in your mind of where you wished you could be, but what you should do next to get there is hidden by the fog.

  • You're at a dead-end in your job and you don't know if this is the time to make a major change or not
  • You've hit a rough patch in your relationship or at home that has thrown you and you're not sure what to do next?
  • Maybe you are reaching the end of your school or education and you're just not sure what direction to go next?
  • You've hit a wall in terms of your health and wellness and can't see clearly how you reach a new level of health, spirit and vitality?

Life is full of ebbs and flows right?

We go from one high to a level-patch and often hit deep valley's – needless to say we go through many points in our lives where the next step is simply not clear and the emotional state of fear and uncertainty creep in raising doubt threatening to paralyze us from taking action.

Here are 3 things you can do when the path forward is not clear to avoid getting stuck or moving backward in your life.

1. Just Show Up

A big part of getting through these uncertain, down-times in your life is to plow through despite how you feel and the doubt that creeps into your mind.   Fear, doubt and uncertainty all feed on inaction, it stands to reason that if you can stay in motion (even if you are uncertain of the outcome from that action), you will be battling these negative mind states, not allowing them to take over and paralyze your forward motion.  Easier said than done, but you must believe to your very core that continuing to show up in the face of the most negative emotional thought processes is the BEST way to combat lack of clarity

2. Replace Uncertainty With Certainty

One of the most dangerous states we as humans end up falling into when the path forward is not clear is to become more and more uncertain that we can actually achieve our desired end goals.  We lose faith in ourselves, in the plan, in how we will react to the world around us.  When that happens we are sabotaging our own spirit, our own self-confidence and self-esteem.   To keep from getting buried in this negative state we need to instantly identify what we are uncertain about…and then go after finding greater certainty.  If we are lacking in belief, then we seek out others who have done what we seek to do and build our belief.  If we lack knowledge or competence, then we seek out different paths forward so we can build both our options and our confidence until the path becomes crystal clear again

3. Re-Evaluate WHY You Want What You Want

We often have goals that have long since been met or that were set at a different point in our lives and something about them, their priority or their ultimate realization has changed.  You are either moving forward in life or you are moving backward – the thought of treading water simply is not real.

Driven by purpose is the force that propels all of us forward in life, if you are no longer driven forward at the level you wish, then you need to re-examine what is driving you and the reasons that you are driven in the path you are…get a copy of Attracting Greatness if you need extra help in understanding, finding or revising your purpose in life and how it can drive you to amazing heights in your life.

This is normal as our lives change, our beliefs evolve and our experiences change our thinking.  If you find yourself stuck and not at all clear about your future then go back and re-evaluate what you want as well as the ultimate reasons OR BIG WHY that drives you toward your end objectives.

When you hit a point in your life where you are uncertain of the path forward, feel stuck or feel like you are living in a fog – using these three techniques will not only help you out of your fuzzy state, but will often bring a new-found confidence, spirit and motivation that you may not have had for several months or years.

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