What To Do If You Are Stuck In Depressing Routine


Have you ever had the feeling that you get up, follow the same set of routines, get the same results and then go to bed only to do it all over again the next day, and the next day…?

What's even more challenging is if there are parts or your entire routine you find depressing.

For example, people that are stuck in a depressing routine often…

  • Wake up late
  • Eat the same unhealthy foods
  • Lead a passive life in front of the computer, video games or TV
  • Can't get motivated to exercise, tend to become stuck as a couch potato
  • Feel lonely and isolated because they can't or won't meet anyone
  • Are left out of major activities because others assume they don't want to take part
  • Often get yelled at or criticized for their lack of action
  • Have far more negative thoughts about themselves than positive thoughts
  • Slip from boredom into depression and seem to continually pick up other bad habits

How do you snap out of being stuck in life with a boring routine?

Inside "Get Unstuck: 4 Part Plan to Get Unstuck In Your Life" the pillars of permanently improving your life and switching out your negative routine for an incredible, exciting routine include both finding your inner drive and passion as well as changing bad habits and beliefs out for good ones.

Here are a few practical ways you can get unstuck and change from your depressing routine.

1. Change Your Thoughts and Beliefs

Amazing things happen when you have an objective or goal and you truly believe you will achieve it.

Today, if you are stuck in a boring routine, you may have a desire to do or be something different, but chances are your belief is not 100% certain that you can or will.  This lack of belief sabotages any momentum for change and keeps you stuck in your boring routine despite badly wanting change.  Start by challenging your core beliefs about yourself and what you can achieve.  Set a goal and work daily on your level of belief around achieving that goal.  Your mind will automatically move to the negative, you must substitute positive outcomes to improve your belief around achieving your desired outcome.

2. Break Typical Patterns

Add variety to your routine.  It's odd, your thoughts and beliefs control your actions, your actions then reinforce your beliefs.  You may think "I would really like to meet a special friend", your thoughts intercept and your belief that "you will fail to win them over" will keep you from making progress which in turn, leads to reinforced beliefs that "you can never meet someone special so why even try" .  To break that up, change your routine and just go and do something social – go out with a friend, go to a Mall, join an exercise or group like Toastmasters where you will meet people.  That change in routine can then reverse negative thoughts and suddenly you are breaking your boring routine

3. Less Thinking, More Action

Especially when we are stuck in a rut in life our mind tends to over-think and exaggerate the potential negative outcomes further limiting us to our status quo routine.  Try and exercise we use often, limit your thought on any given thing to 30s maximum – then change your thought pattern.  This keeps you from stewing about one thing and makes it more likely you will not exaggerate the negative aspects of significant change

How do you get unstuck in life from a negative, depressing routine?

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