What Is Your Shining Light?


unstuck in your life

One of the most common things students of
SNAP: 4 Step System For Getting Unstuck In Life
share with us is how they have lost hope and excitement in their life instead just getting through the morning, then the afternoon, then the night…day-after-day.

Remember when you were a kid and it seemed the whole world was up for grabs?

You were learning in school, perhaps at your first job and you had so many options – your mind filled with dreams about what your ideal life would look like.

You would have an awesome profession or career, your friends would be close and kind, you would make a positive impact on people's lives, you would have enough money to stay ahead with some left over for a hobby, to travel or to have great clothes.

These thoughts kept you in a mostly positive frame of mind, you woke up each day with hope and excitement around what your life had in store.

Slipping Into A Funk! 

Now, as you read this, do you ever wonder where all that went?

When did life change for a sense of amazement, curiosity, hope and unlimited potential to one of drudgery, hopelessness and boredom?

You now are mainly focused on….

  • Finding a reason to even get out of the bed in the morning
  • Keeping whatever limited income you have coming in…despite the fact you really don't like your job
  • Looking for ways to escape the boredom – TV, sleeping late, drinking, shopping or just tuning out altogether
  • Your friends who all seem to be just like you…struggling, negative and not a dreamer among the bunch
  • Feeling closed-in, like there must be a way to escape this cycle of doing the same thing each day, having the same thoughts, seeing the same people and not really having much to look forward to

You are not alone, this happens to everyone at some point or another in their life…the real question is will you let it continue?

Escaping Your Life Rut

When we explain how we end up in this "Stuck" state in life and work through the 4 steps to Getting Unstuck, we refer to the place you are today as a RUT…you are stuck in a rut and only you can make the decision to get unstuck.

With the
SNAP system
, we life that cloud by focusing on 4 critical areas:  Setting the Stage For BIG Change (basically involving re-programming your current thought patterns), Negating doubt and uncertainty (removing the shackles of self-doubt), Action Orientation (the secret of unleashing your inner action-oriented being) and Patterning New Habits to ensure your life changes forever (avoiding slipping back into bad habits)

One of the most important sections of SNAP, covered in the first module, is making sure you have a bright light to look forward to.

Think about it, when you are excited or looking forward to something in your life it completely changes your thought patterns, your inner voice, your emotional feelings, your physiological state (you smile, are more engaged, more open).

It stands to reason that re-visiting your goals, passions, purpose and objectives in life is a HUGE part of escaping your life rut.

Losing track of having a shining light guiding you during the down times happens almost without detection, yet placing your focus on bringing back that light can lead to incredible changes in your outlook and results.

Look ahead 5-years from now, place your judgement on hold and write out the IDEAL situation in each of these areas of your life…

  • What you would be doing to earn income (how much would you ideally like to earn and what would you be doing that would be more fun, less negative that what you are doing now?)
  • How would you ideally feel each day?  Would you have more energy?  Would you be more active?  What would you be playing or doing for fun and exercise?
  • Where would  you be living?  A warmer climate?  A better neighbourhood?  A place with better access to healthy food?  Somewhere that has always fascinated you?
  • Who would your ideal "inner circle" of friends be?  What would they have in common with you?
  • What is the BIG passion or purpose you would ideally like to reach in your life?  Help people through teaching?  Be a positive role model – if so, for who?  To be a leader in your field?  To inspire your kids and your peers?

When you begin working on an exercise like this you will notice the juices already starting to flow.

Simply opening up the possibility that there is hope once again in your life will begin the process of neurons firing in your brain that have not been used in years (or even decades if you are reading this as middle-aged.)

This is where it starts…adding fuel to your brain so it can once again begin working toward your ideal life instead of being held back by fear, hopelessness and boredom.

Step up and do this exercise.

Awaken your inner curiosity and hope.

Have the faith that came naturally to you in your younger years knowing that same person is still within you waiting to be unleashed so you can start the next phase of your life with a renewed sense of wonder, hope, enthusiasm, excitement and achievement.

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