What Happens If You Believe It Is Certain?


Our beliefs guide everything in our life.

We only tap our potential to the degree that we BELIEVE it is possible

We only take action to the level that fulfills the potential we BELIEVE is possible

We will, by extension, only achieve results that match potential based on the BELIEFS

So, we can wish, desire and dream as much as possible, but if we do not BELIEVE, we will not achieve the results that we so badly want.

Remind you of the hamster running on the wheel?

Now, when someone suggests we examine our beliefs, that's not easy for most of us to do…we can't

Intellectually we may be smart and positive, but emotionally (which drives our beliefs to a greater degree) we are actually very negative and limiting.

"My Dad was an alcoholoc so I will likely be too"

"I don't know enough to…"

"I don't have the time too…"

"I didn't have the connections…"

"If only I had…"

"I failed once, so I will fail again"

If you REALLY want something, you WILL find a way…find the energy, the time, the way, the contacts

But if you look back at any major achievement in your life, a deep, passionate belief that it could be accomplished came BEFORE the achievement.

Am I right?

You had to have saw, felt and imagined what it was going to be like when you succeeded in achieving a desired outcome before that achievement actually occurred.

In many cases, this is done through years of imagining, visualizing, and thinking (if not seeing through someone else you model) about a desired outcome…it's just that you take it for granted because it because your NORMAL…the way you spend each day of your life.

So, it goes without saying that to achieve your desires you must focus on displacing those negative beliefs with unwavering, emotionally charged, crystal clear and unwavering belief that you WILL achieve…that's how to begin right now to succeed no matter what your starting point is.

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