What Does "Quality Of Life" Mean To You?


I was reviewing our most recent blog posts, answering questions and comments when I came to the realization that I sometimes spend too much time sharing, teaching or talking and perhaps it's time to get you guys sharing more of what you are learning, struggling with or have figured out in life.

After all, we learn more from each other's experiences than anything else right?

So, a question that came up first and foremost in my mind – probably because I've been involved with so many people pondering this question – is…

What does quality of life mean to you?

Or, another way of asking the question, "How do you measure quality of life?"

Pretty important question isn't it?

After all, if quality of life ends up to be the sum total of your purpose and desired outcome in life then it pretty much defines everything about what you would strive toward.

I'll throw out some common responses:

1. Health and happiness

2. Financial security

3. Friends and family

4. Being able to do what you want when you want (basically this equates to having significant control over your own life)

Do any of these hold true for you?

What is "quality of life" to you?

Leave a comment and let us know…

  1. Do you think much about quality of life?
  2. What is your definition of quality of life?
  3. Has that definition changed for you over your life so far?  For example, would you have answered differently as a teen, in your early 20's or where you are now in life?

If you are like me, you would highlight a few different characteristics, but which one or ones would you rank as MOST important and most measurable in your life?


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