What Can You Change Overnight?


We live in an age of expecting INSTANT results.

We have garage door openers to save the 20-seconds it would take to get out and open our doors manually.

We have 1-cup coffee makers to get a coffee in 3-minutes when it used to take 5-10 to brew an entire pot.

High speed internet access is everywhere so that we can always connect at the highest speeds and get what we want right away.

The same desires come into play when we want to change our lives- right?

If it takes too long and requires too much effort with no immediate return or feedback, then the chances we will ever start or stick with a life change method is very slim.


To make things even more challenging,  a common obstacle to constructing and executing on life change is that we want to see the desired end result instantly.

What if we changed our expectations and did a better job of setting ourselves up to win?

Instead of expecting to see the desired outcome we may want to reach (Ex losing 10lbs), what if our expectations were around changing course.

For example, we cut the calories we put in our bodies by 25% each day for 5-days.

We get 30-minutes more of moderate exercise each day.

We drink 8 glasses of water each day substituting for soft drinks or juices at least twice?

Now we have changed our expectations to the most important DAILY practices that will lead to our desired outcome AND made them achievable nearly instantly.

Whereas we could never lose 10lbs overnight, we can change our habits overnight and expect that we will do the same thing tomorrow, and the day after.


No matter what goal or outcome you want to reach in the coming months/years, take that clearly defined outcome (with emotional attachment) and break it up into milestones.  These milestones may be reached within weeks or months, but they are clear stepping stones on reaching your desired outcome.

Then, carve out a daily action plan that you can stick to.

Now, focus your expectations on the clearly defined, achievable daily goals instead of focusing only on the long-term desired outcome.

We know that staying motivated around a long-term goal when there is very little short-term reward or feedback is very hard.

We also know that having daily expectations and progress is tremendously motivating allowing us to stay on track and stick to our life change plan.

It turns out you really can achieve change overnight, now you know how to set up your life plan for a higher chance of success.

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