What Are Your TOP Goals?


We all like to have goals to follow, some of us are more diligent about keeping our goals up to date, while others prefer to dream and find that goal setting is too restrictive.

Though I'm not of the opinion that setting, writing out and following your goals is 100% responsible for achievement and progress in your life, I am a firm believer (from personal experience and working with others)  that goal setting does bring the type of focus and energy to one's life that does significantly improve the chances of achieving.

What are your leading goals?

  1. Do you have health related goals?  Are they linked to current ill health (where your motivation is to retain a level of health that you have experienced in the past) or is it tied more to a desire to improve your overall attractiveness or even avoid potential problems in the future?
  2. What about relationship and social goals?  What are your relationships like? Do you have allot of friends or a few close friends?  Do you wish that were different? Are you confident in front of other people, if not – what situations would you like to improve?
  3. How about financial goals?  Would you like to have more money,  and if so, is that tied more to having the freedom to call your own shots, the security of not having to take a step backward or to purchase something specific you don't have today
  4. Now, let's talk about your kids.  What goals do you have for parenting – raising healthy, happy and confident children?
  5. Many of us have goals around travel, seeing the world, experiencing different places and cultures and expanding our thinking and boundaries
  6. Finally – deep down, wouldn't you like to be more confident, more at peace with who you are and more able to associate with people closest around us?

These are just a few ideas around which it would be a good idea to have some goals…if you want to share your goals, leave us a comment and we'll help each other modify and achieve our dreams through this interim step of goal setting.

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