What Are Your Expectations For Life?


Have you ever considered the rather massive change in our expectations within the last two generations?

For most of us, our grandparents expectations were mainly around survival, safety and family.

Our parents had more expectations around career, getting a good job and security.

Today though, our expectations are far greater aren't they?

In fact, you could argue that the expectations we set for our own lives (whether consciously or sub-consciously) are a main source of stress and anxiety – some would go so far as to say wayward expecations are the reason that many have lost their way in life?

But without BIG expectations, what is left to drive us?  What else will motivate us to improve our life?

Isn't it a good thing that we are driven to greater heights in life each generation as we improve as humans?

Let's look at some common expectations, I would very much like you to comment with yours (and your opinion, are these expectations good or bad?)

  • Expect to have extra money to buy luxuries such as going out to eat, seeing a concert or sporting event or paying for our monthly cell phone bill
  • Expect to give our kids more than we ever had…that includes all the latest technology including iPods, cell phones when they are 12 or 13, their own computers, etc…
  • Take for granted that the government will look after us when we get old and in the case of bad health
  • Demand choice of jobs or careers…we no longer expect loyalty from our employers and we do not exhibit any loyalty back
  • Expect to buy things that improve our appearance, from makeup to fancy, brand-name clothes all the way to expensive haircuts to laser eye surgery
  • Expectation that we must keep up with those around us and that having less than someone we know is a major form of weakness in today's society


Don't Expectations Motivate Us?

Are heightened expectations bad for us?

Perhaps the thoughts and beliefs that underlie our current expectations are the problem?

What if our expectations drove us toward lifelong pursuit in areas such as:

  • Expecting to live healthy, productive and energetic lives?
  • Expect to become more and more in tune with our own inner beliefs, thoughts and inner voice?
  • Expectations around helping someone each and every day?
  • Always trying to deliver great value in exchange for profit and then sharing that profit with others around us helping them change their expecations in life
  • Expecting to practice daily gratitude and overcoming negative energy so that we can be happier and share more positive energy with the world around us

Quite a different set of expectations aren't they?

Having higher expectations give us a reason to get up in the morning, keep us motivated so that we overcome procrastination and realize our true potential in life.

What we have to make sure is that our expectations are aligned with our core human values and beliefs otherwise we end up driving ourselves further into the dark setting ourselves up for a lifelong battle with stress, anxiety, fear, loneliness and depression.

On the other hand, knowing that we OWN the direction of our expectations means that we have complete control over changing our life to redirect ourselves toward the light at any point in time – no matter how dark things seem to be right now.

What do you think?  Having high expectations is good or bad?

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